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All Signs Point To Jimmy Boeheim Choosing Syracuse Today… Right?

It feels like the worst kept secret in college basketball. Syracuse wants Jimmy Boeheim. He’s a perfect shooter to add to the team. He wants to play at a high-major. His dad and brother are already there. He’s been an SU fan his whole life. He’s doing interviews in front of a Syracuse flag for crying out loud.

If Jimmy chooses any program but SU today it’ll feel like a sideswipe from a semi-truck. He told Spectrum News a few days ago he would make his decision by the end of the week on his social media channels. He’s made his call, he’s just waiting to roll out the announcement. Would he really build up anticipation on an upstate New York media outlet if he was choosing Notre Dame or Texas Tech?

He’s got pressure from Buddy. “He’s definitely pitched me a couple times. I’m definitely hearing it from him.”

What’s Buddy using as a sales point? “He says how special it is playing for our dad. How good he thinks they can be next year.”

Being coached by dad would be a new, unique experience. “I’ve never played for him. He kinda coaches me from the bleachers at the games.”

He wants to elevate beyond a mid-major. He’s looking for a winner at a power conference. Hm, wonder where he’d find that?

“It’s my last year, so it’s all in at this point. I really want to make sure it’s the right fit for me. I definitely have my sights at high-majors. I think I’ve earned that over the last couple of years with my play at Cornell.” – Jimmy Boeheim on Spectrum News

It’s hard to imagine him deciding earlier in the week to go play for anyone besides his family and holding onto it. “I’ve made my decision. I’m just waiting until the end of the week. I definitely feel confident in my decision at this point.”

He’s got an SU flag draped over his bed. That’s gotta be a sign, right? If it is, he’s playing coy. “The Syracuse flag has been up since my freshman year. My Syracuse fandom never ended when I came here.”

All signs point to Jimmy choosing SU today. Buckle up.

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