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NBA Betting Guide: How to Bet on Props

Watching an NBA game is fun and enjoyable. But to make it more unique and exciting, you can bet on which team on the game you are watching will score first. Sports betting is another way to make sports more fun.

There are a lot of ways to wager on sports. A fun and straightforward way to bet on the NBA whether you’re a novice, or a professional sports bettor, is to bet on props. Before betting on props, you need to understand what a props bet is.

What Are Props Betting?

One of the easiest and fun ways to wager on the NBA is through props betting. Instead of focusing on who will win the game, a prop bet, short for a proposition bet, is a bet that refers to specific events, occurrences, or non-occurrence within a game. Chances are you have already made props bet in your life without even realizing it.

Setting aside sports betting, if you’ve ever said something like, “I bet you $5 that you can’t drink one liter of coke in one minute,” you already made a prop bet. In sports, specifically in the NBA, an example of a prop bet would be; in the game of Jazz & Raptors, which team will score first? Or how many assists will Joe Ingles have in the game? These are just a few examples of bets you can make on a prop bet.  

There are some things you need to know first to gain more understanding on how to bet on props so you can profit, at the same time, have fun betting on props. First things first, betting on props or any types of sports betting, as a bettor, you will need to understand what the odds are. The first step in placing a prop bet or in any type of bet is to understand the odds.

Prop Bet Odds And Payouts

Odds are used to predict any specific results of any sporting event. You can also use odds to calculate winning wager payouts. Oddsmakers set these odds, and they can be found on sportsbook websites. You can also check on the odds provided by FanDuel.

Prop bets on NBA pay out the same as other bets. It is as simple as multiplying your stake to the odds in decimal format to calculate how much you will get paid. You can see the odds in three different formats; the American or Moneyline format, decimal format, or fractional format.

Let me give you an example to help you understand more about prop bets. Let’s go back to the game of Jazz & Raptors; say you want to bet on how many points will Jordan Clarkson score in the game against the Raptors, and you were presented with a prop of OVER/UNDER 30.5 points and an odd of -145 for OVER and +125 for UNDER.

Let say you pick UNDER, and you happened to be correct and won. If you bet $100, you will receive $125 of profit for a correct pick. Now, if you think you are ready, you need to know the different ways to bet on props. Below are some prop bets to consider.

Types Of NBA Prop Bets

Player Prop Bets

A wager on a particular player’s statistics or a specific result is known as a player prop bet. Player prop bets are mainly in a Total, or Over/Under, type of wager format. It is available for almost every statistic generated during a basketball game. Usually, it includes one or more of the player stats categories in points, rebounds, and assists.

  • Points

The most popular NBA player prop category is scoring. A sportsbook can list an over/under line for each selected player’s scoring total, and you can bet on either hand. The standard line for both over & under is -115, but you will never see the same line for both directions. The favored side will usually have a higher line of odds, while the other sides’ odds will decrease to compensate.

  • Assists

Another popular way to bet on props is on how effective or successful each player on the list would be as a distributor. The lines on this kind of wager are lower than scoring. A typical team on the NBA has average points of 111.4 and 24.3 on the assist.

  • Rebounds

Rebound prop bets are more common than assist bets but not quite as common as point bets. An NBA team typically has an average of 52 rebounds per game this season. Big men usually dominate the rebound category

Team Prop Bets

A team props bet is based on a team’s performance in the game rather than the game’s result. The most famous NBA team prop bets center on a team’s point, whether which team scores first, a race to a specific point like which team will score 40 points first, or an over/under line for a team’s point total.

In Conclusion

Props are merely a diversion for others, a way to have some fun without having to take the game’s outcome seriously. But for those who are sharp, alert, and willing to put in the effort, betting on sports can be a lucrative enterprise. Use the information above to bet on props, whether for fun or to gain profit.

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