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Why Is the Incoming Class of 2022 So Important?

Syracuse University

The class of 2022 is the most integral incoming class that SU has ever had. That’s because the last couple years of Syracuse recruiting has been interesting to say the least.

There was the decommitment of five-star Darius Bazley, followed up by the expectation of local product Joe Girard, all paired with the copious amounts of transfers. Add in the Dior Johnson decommitment plus the graduating class and influx of transfer news this past season, and the Orange have felt the brunt of what the offseason entails.

Constant player movement can be attributed to the new transfer rules allowing immediate eligibility. That, as well as five-stars choosing to enter the NBA’s G-League Ignite program for compensation instead of abiding by the overbearing NCAA rulings.

It seems like the old college basketball structure is finally meeting its maker. In order to convince players that college basketball is the right avenue, deferring to the athletes’ decisions and giving them more freedom is warranted.

This leaves top tier (recognizable blue blood programs) in tough positions because these specific schools thrive off their popular image in the NCAA scene. These programs are used to enticing athletes by preaching the process and the limelight it could place them in. Now, heading to a college and playing for four years before going to the draft is almost a laughable endeavor.

So, what does this have to do with Syracuse?

The future of SU hoops rests in the balance of the class of 2022 because of the potency of the recruits. Donovan Clingan, Kyle Filipowski, Justin Taylor, Quadir Copeland, Kamari Lands and many others are eyeing the Hill, with Lands the only commit to date. 

No matter what happens in the recruiting process, Bourama Sidibe, Buddy Boeheim, Jimmy Boeheim and an experienced group are likely out the door for the Orange. If you take into account the possible transfers after next season, joining the many who have already left, there’s no certainty to how SU will look come 2022.

That’s where the recruiting class is key. With an uncertain squad for the ‘22-’23 season, and the possibility of decommitments and movement around the college basketball landscape, the strength of this group is dependent on who commits. That will set the bar of how successful the Orange are moving forward, dictating SU’s pedigree as a top tier program to play for.

Overall, the success of Syracuse in 2022 rests upon who suits up the fall of ‚Äò22, but with recent events in recruiting and college basketball as a whole regarding player movement, next year‚Äôs class also plays a huge role in how Syracuse basketball is viewed moving forward.  

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