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Big One! How the SU Fans Helped Land 7-Footer Peter Carey

Congrats to the hard core faithful who made the trip to the Dome on Friday night. While you were there to root on the football team to an important win over Liberty, you also helped in another area. Orange Nation inside the Dome assisted in getting a commitment today from 7-foot big man Peter Carey.

The Massachusetts product visited campus over the weekend. He told Mike McCallister the crowd at the Dome helped make him realize just how passionate the fans are in CNY.

“You just get a sense for how dedicated the fan base is there. The atmosphere was insane at the game. It was pretty packed. The student section was going crazy. The Dome is just the place to play. Indoors, a lot of seating, just noisy. The football team had a great game.” – Peter Carey

Gotta love to hear that. If Carey thinks the atmosphere is “insane” for a September football game against Liberty, wait until he sees 30K for Duke or UNC in hoops. The Fizz had outlined the competition for Carey this week, and aside from Rutgers it was hard to see SU losing him to another school.

Carey describes “the brotherhood” of the team, and Jim Boeheim’s excitement about using the big man’s skillset in the zone as main reasons he’s thrilled about his decision. The loss of Kamari Lands to the Class of ’22 is a big one, and SU has been trying to recover for weeks. No one is suggesting Carey is the equivalent of a top 30 recruit nationally, but Carey is absolutely a nice piece to round out the class.

Justin Taylor and Quadir Copeland are the other two parts of the class. SU now has a point guard, shooting guard and center all coming in. This is great diversity with the class. Carey is considered a late bloomer, which is typical for high school big men. Many shoot up and have yet to fully grow into their bodies by 16-17 years old, as they’re being recruited. SU feels as though the stock is about to rise soon on Carey, and wanted to lock him up. Perhaps they will look foolish and Carey will not be ready for an upgrade like the ACC, but it’s worth the risk for the Orange if he has big upside. Also, he’s remarkably athletic for a big man, so even if he’s not a 5-star talent, the idea he can help in lots of areas was interesting for SU.

This is a good get for the Orange, and nice job by the Carrier Dome crowd helping get it done. Chris Bunch was visiting this weekend too. Hey Chris, what did ya think?

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