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Fizz Report Card: Girard and Swider Shine, Orange Take Care of Business 90-50

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Syracuse romped Le Moyne 90-50 in its second exhibition game of the year. Let’s see how SU performed. This is a Fizz Report Card:

Joe Girard A

Once the NCAA tournament rolled around last year, one thing made itself clear. Joe Girard needs fans in the building, BADLY. Girard struggled last season after success his freshman year, but once the tournament hit it looked as if he was re-energized. Tonight he looked great shooting the ball as well as facilitating.  He dribbled the ball well and found the open man plenty. 20 pts, 9 ast, 2 stl, was the final line for Girard. Look for the Syracuse PG to have a bounce-back year.

Cole Swider A

Swider has the potential to be really impactful for the Orange. He’s long, he can shoot, and he plays really nicely in the zone. The Nova transfer is a strong candidate for the best all-around player this team has. If he shoots like this all season, finding offense should rarely be a problem.

Buddy Boeheim B

After his tournament heroics, the fans treat Boeheim like a superstar. It’ll be interesting to see how he handles that new level of fame if he’ll address it at all. He gave more of what everyone’s used to tonight, a ton of jump shots including a new close floater that seems to be a new facet of his offense. Buddy wasn’t the best %-wise tonight, but don’t fret, he’ll be back to shooting the lights out soon enough.

Jimmy Boeheim B

Good shooting does indeed run in the family. Jimmy is looking like just as sure of an option as Buddy or Swider. The lefty shooter can knock down the three-ball consistently, drive if needed, and utilize his big frame beautifully in the 2-3 zone. This season will offer him the best competition he’s ever seen so it’ll be interesting to see how well he plays in a major conference, but don’t be too worried; JB3 is the real deal.

Jesse Edwards C

The center spot is going to continue to haunt SU. Jim Boeheim is still unable to recruit bigs and it shows. Edwards was a huge reason SU made the NCAA tournament, helping to vanquish Clemson, UNC, and NC State down the stretch, but a full season is, of course, an entirely different animal. Edwards looks fiiiiiiine? With Bourama Sidibe out for the foreseeable future, Edwards has a lot of responsibility this season. The Dutch big man surely has his work cut out for him this year and will surely be getting an earful from Boeheim up and down the floor every game day. 

Benny Williams A

Benny was incredibly impressive tonight. He was showing off a little bit of everything on either side of the ball. On offense, he put the ball on the floor well, was lights out from mid-range, and scored up close. On defense he showed off his athleticism, snatching a couple blocks and stuffing up lanes to the hoop within the 2-3 zone. Williams will quickly fill the fan-favorite role Marek Dolezaj left behind. Expect SU’s sole 2021 recruit to have a big year on the hill.

Symir Torrence B

Torrence looks like everything the Orange need in a point guard. With this much shooting on the team, they don’t really need him to score. The Orange need a guy that can play stout defense at the top of the zone, pass the ball, and control the tempo. Torrence checks all of those boxes. He’s not Michael Carter-Williams, but he certainly is a player that will prove valuable all year long.

Frank Anselem B

Though he didn’t get a ton of playing time, Frank Anselem looked solid while he was out there tonight. The big man grabbed a few boards as well as added a block and a steal to his resume. It’s going to take some time, but he could prove to be incredibly valuable at some point this year.

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