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Football’s Greatest Super Bowl Upsets

Whether the season’s just ramping up, in full swing or even wind down, there’s never a bad time to reminisce of the great games over the years. That’s the joy of football. Bringing people together, creating bonds or sportsmanship, and watching your team knock off the favored opposition.

There’s been plenty of phenomenal games over the years, but heres a few of the classics. Because as good as it is to win, it’s even better when no one had given you a chance in hell of pulling it off!

Super Bowl XXXII

The Packers were big favorites to win and when Terrell Davis went off in the second with a migraine, Packers fans must have felt it was in the bag. But at half time they trailed 17-14, and things just weren’t looking like they should.

In what can only be described by fellow migraine sufferers as a true test of one’s limits, Davis not only re-entered the game, but the running back went on to win MVP for his efforts, scoring three touchdowns and running 157 yards. The 69.000 in attendance and millions around the world got to watch an epic, and the Broncos take the game by the scruff of the neck and win 31-24.

Super Bowl III

Imagine being Joe Namath, and setting yourself up for public humiliation by guaranteeing a win when the Colts are favored to win by a hefty 18 points. Such was his bravado, he backed up his mouth with a savvy game that earned him MVP. The Jets controlled the game for every minute, making the Colts look confused. Up 16-0 in the final quarter, Namath made the decision to run out the clock and didn’t throw one pass the entire quarter.

Whether the Colts under-estimated them or just had a bad day, you can’t take anything away from Namath and the Jets that day. This game changed NFL history forever.

Super Bowl XXV

Unfortunately for Scott Norwood, it doesn’t matter how well you play if you don’t make the winning kick, and with career stats that were pretty impressive, we do feel for the guy.

But down 12-3 the Giants desperately needed an incredible 10-minute drive over 75-yards and a TD. With a mere 8 seconds left on the clock, Norwood’s field goal attempt would win the game for the 7-point favorite Bills and place his name in the history books. His kick was a touch off and the Giants won 20-19.

Super Bowl XLII

If you were a betting man, you could never have bet against the New England Patriots in 2007. Entering the Super Bowl with an incredible 18-0 record, even the best safe online casinos Canada has to offer, like those found at wouldn’t have made you money. Or so people thought.

The 12-point favorites were held scoreless in both the first and second quarters in an extremely tight game that saw only 10 points scored in the first three quarters. The Giants went on a brilliant playoff run but lacked the overall power over the course of the season.

With just 2:42 left on the clock, New England scored for a 14-10 lead and what must have felt like the culmination to a clinical season to join the ‘72 Dolphins as undefeated. But no one told the Giants.

With 1:15 remaining, Eli Manning made what is known as one of the “greatest plays in Super Bowl history”, to set the Giants up for a final minute TD to Plaxico Burress and allow the Giants to upset the Patriots, 17-14.

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