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Top 10: The Best 99-Yard Plays In NFL History

When a regulation football field is 120 yards long, the 99-yard play is a thing of beauty. Across the decades-long history of the NFL, there have been only a precious few of these plays where some of the best athletes have hauled the ball across the entire field, no matter what stood in their way.

Today we’re looking at ten times where a 99-yard play went down in history for more reasons than just the yardage. Speaking of important games, 2021 is almost over and the Super Bowl will be here before we know it. If you usually take action on the Super Bowl, you should check out Fanduel’s Super Bowl LVI odds.

1. Derrick Henry – Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, 2018

While many 99-yard plays are pass plays, Derrick Henry became only the second player in history to run all 99 yards himself. The touchdown put the Titans ahead of the Jaguars in a tight December game.

2. Victor Cruz – New York Giants vs. New York Jets, 2011

Victor Cruz’s 99-yard pass play for the Giants altered the trajectory of two franchises. Cruz outfought and outran Jets defenders to get the TD. It swung momentum, gave the Giants a lead on the Jets, and boost them into the playoffs. They went onto win the Super Bowl while the Jets have languished since then.

3. Mike Quick – Philadelphia Eagles vs. Atlanta Falcons, 1985

With the game in overtime and both teams tied at 17, Mike Quick’s classic 99-yard pass play for the Eagles was just the kind of aggressive play they needed. After getting the pass from Ron Jaworski, Quick threaded himself through defenders and ran for 80 yards to score the TD and end the game.

4. Andre Davis – Cleveland Browns vs. Cincinnati Bengals, 2004

Browns QB Jeff Garcia was known for trying the impossible, but the off-balance throw was caught by Andre Davis mid-stride. Davis only had to race and stay ahead of the Bengals to score. The all-Ohio rivalry usually has its fair share of craziness.

5. Tony Dorsett – Dallas Cowboys vs. Minnesota Vikings, 1982

This is the first 99-yard running play ever, and the only other besides Derrick Henry’s. In a Monday Night matchup, Dorsett took it to the house and shocked everyone. It’s one of his signature plays in a Hall of Fame career.

6. Bobby Mitchell – Washington vs. Cleveland Browns, 1963

One of the oldest 99-yard passes plays on our list, this was where the QB George Izo passed over the incoming Browns offense. The ball found its way to Bobby Mitchell, who was already at the 40-yard line and made the rest of the way after outrunning the defense.

7. Bernard Berrian – Minnesota Vikings vs. Chicago Bears, 2008

In 2008, the Vikings got their own 99-yard play when Gus Frerotte took the snap and passed to a wide-open Bernard Berrian. A mishap with the Bears defense, who didn’t notice Berrian, handed the Vikings the touchdown.

8. Wes Welker – New England Patriots vs. Miami Dolphins, 2011

Brady-to-Welker pass was a familiar sight. Instead of the usual last-minute conversions and tight yardage situations,on Opening Night it went the length of the field. In the 4th quarter with 6 minutes left, Welker fended off the Dolphins’ corners and sprinted to the TD.

9. Robert Brooks – Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears, 1995

During Brett Favre’s heyday, his longest-ever play fell into Robert Brooks’ hands. Brooks was wide open as the Bears charged Favre, allowing him to sprint for the touchdown.

10. Paul Studstill – Detroit Lions vs. Indianapolis Colts, 1963

While Studstill is remembered for going mask-less, he also makes the list. The pass came from Karl Sweetan, sailed 50+ yards, and landed into Studstill’s arms where he was free to score the TD. While impressive, the Colts would handily beat the Lions 45-14.

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