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What is Greatest NBA Finals Game of All-Time?

The debate around whether the basketball GOAT should stop with MJ or LBJ could last a lifetime, but one thing is for certain; basketball never fails to entertain. On that note, we’ve come up with our own GOAT; Greatest NBA Finals game ever. And if you’re looking to wager on the NBA playoffs or looking for the best casino bonuses in Canada, here they are.

Decide for yourself which takes the trophy, each possessing its own heart-pumping moments. One thing’s for sure; we’ve not had so much excitement since playing with the best casino bonuses Canada, like those has to offer.

  1. NBA Finals 1998; Bulls v Jazz, Game 6

After losing Game 1, the Bulls bounced back with a vengeance to take games 2, 3 and 4, before the Jazz snuck through in Game 5. With seconds remaining and Utah up by 3, anyone betting against a game 7 would have had long odds. But there never was a seventh, only some MJ magic that will span the ages.

Jordan scored on a lay-up to put the Bulls down just one with 18.9 secs on the clock. The Jazz had possession, and the lead, the game is in their hands. Karl Malone attacked and had the ball stolen by none other than MJ himself. Jordan dribbles the length of the court, takes his time, drives for the basket and jab-steps his defender with a cross-over, and sinks the 20-footer to put the Bulls in front with 5.2 sec to go.

After a Jazz time-out, the three point attempt goes astray and the Bulls claimed their 6th title. Jordan finishes his final game with the Bulls with 45 points and another game-winning basket to add to the huge tally he had already accumulated. Not a bad way to finish your Bulls career.

  1. NBA Finals 1976; Celtics v Suns, Game 5

Still 45 years ago and for so many people remember this game as the greatest ever. It was already into double-overtime and with 18 seconds on the clock, and the Suns scored to make it a one point game. Although every other player on the court was thinking how to defend and the best way to attack this next play, Paul Westphal never took his eyes off the ball. As the throw-in comes in, like a thief in the night he stole the ball, right from under the Celtics basket, and the Suns scored again.

It was 4 points in 5 seconds to turn the final moments of the game on its head and the Celtics now trailed with a time out. All they had to do was hold possession, wind down the clock and take it to Game 6 with a win, but for Westphal it didn’t end there.

Phoenix came back from their time-out, and banks one in off the glass to put the Suns in front, but the clock keeps counting. The fans erupt, thinking the game has finished and pandemonium breaks out in the arena. The referee is assaulted by angry fans, the court is swarmed and the players flee. Police finally re-take control and the game is resumed with 1 sec left.

The players eventually come back on court, gather themselves and as the tied series continues in game 5, the Suns call a time-out that they don’t have to restart the game from the center court, resulting in a technical foul that is hit. So, the game resumes, the Suns now lead 112-110, but play recommences at center court.

The ball is thrown in, there’s one second to score and that’s exactly what the Celtics do. The basket is nailed, the game goes through to its third OT and Celtic eventually win to take it through to game six. Hands down, the most exciting 8 minutes of basketball we’ve ever witnessed.

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