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The Smartest Picks From Last Year’s NFL Draft

As the Super Bowl fast approaches the first thing on many fan’s minds is Fanduels Super Bowl prop bets, however, once it is all over, all eyes will be on the 2022 Draft. 

Football never ends, and even though the season ends next month, there’s plenty to be excited about, as the next season looms closer, and teams flesh out rosters.

The Winners of the 2021 NFL Draft

After their rookie seasons here were the best picks of the draft. 

Trevor Lawrence -Jaguars QB

His situation has not been ideal, and the Jaguars had a tough season.

However, Lawrence has shown exceptional growth, even though his numbers aren’t impressive. No matter how great he is, t will take a while for him to help them change their franchise. 

But, he has plenty of promise, beat the Bills in a major upset, and knocked the Colts out of the playoffs in the finale with his best game of the season. The future is bright.

Zach Wilson- Jets QB

Wilson is not totally unlike Lawrence, stuck on bad team with a rookie coach. Wilson’s arm was on display at times this season, and now it’s about building around him.

He needs to start making the easy throws and stay within the offense. 

Trey Lance – 49ers QB

Lance did miss some time this year, thanks to a sprained knee, however, his big-play skills have been clear from the get-go. He feels the pocket and is a running threat. 

He is on a team that has more all round talent than many rookies, and that should help support him when he gets the starting nod.

After all, there is plenty of reason that John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan moved up for Lance. Many scouts last year thought he could well be the best QB of his draft class.

Kyle Pitts – Falcons TE

He finished with 1,026 yards receiving and a body of work impressive for any tight end, let alone a rookie. He made the first of many Pro Bowls. 

Since the NFL merger the most yards made by any rookie TE was 894 in 2002, by Jeremy Shockey. He blew that out of the water. Pitts is undeniably one of the best players from this class.

Patrick Surtain – Broncos CB

Patrick Surtain has done a good job at taking the reins right away in one of the toughest positions of the game. He has matched up to some of the most elite receivers in the game. 

A knee injury slowed him down but the Broncos featured one of the best defenses in football and Surtain was a big reason why.

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