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Simple Guide To The Football Index

You may be a gambler looking at ​​free bets on sky bets offer with an eye for a good wager,
the envy of your friends when it comes to sitting pretty at the top of your fantasy football
league, or you could be a football quiz aficionado down at the pub no matter what your
interest in soccer is. The Football Index is sure to delight you.
This excellent concept combines betting, football knowledge, and a dash of enjoyment to
provide you with yet another way to enjoy the game. You may have heard about it or
perhaps know someone who already enjoys it. Don’t worry, we’re here to help get you
started with our Football Index tutorial and explain how it works in detail.
The concept is simple. You invest and trade shares in players you enjoy watching each
week, much like when completing accas and goal predictions. To make a decision about
who is on the verge of becoming hotter and who is about to cool off, you must follow the
instructions, headlines, and outcomes!

Making money

To begin with, remember that the Football Index is a long-term betting strategy that needs
patience and attention over a period longer than a single match. Winnings are paid out as
dividends, and they come in four varieties: media, in play, team of the months, and trading
profit. The ultimate objective is to acquire and trade players that will produce dividends for

Buying players

To buy shares of a player, use the search box at the top of the screen to look up their name.
After searching for your desired player, click how many shares you want to purchase on the
drop-down menu. You have two choices when it comes to placing a bid: purchase shares or
place an offer. You pay the share price listed. You can make a written offer, but if you want
to make an offer, the procedure becomes more difficult. You won’t know whether or not you’ll
be able to purchase the shares for the price you requested.

Selling players

When selling players, you have the option of putting them straight on the market (a good
idea if there is clear profit to be made and you need a quick return on your investment), or
allowing them to go up for auction.


The price of a player’s shares is influenced by what happens on the field, and it is related to
his potential. As youngsters advance and appear destined for bigger clubs, their returns
improve. Because more well-known players are less speculative investment possibilities
because they are more predictable and consistent in their performance, it’s crucial to keep
an eye on the game.
The Football Index is a revolutionary new approach to betting on football that elevates the
pleasure of wagering.

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