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Fizz Film Room: ‘Cuse Lacrosse @ #2 Virginia

Well if the game had started at 12:25 p.m. instead of noon, Syracuse would’ve been okay in this one. SU dropped its second consecutive game over the weekend to #2 Virginia. The Orange were outscored 8-1 in the first quarter and allowed 20 goals for the whole game. Let’s look back at some highlights and lowlights from Kl√∂ckner Stadium.

Play 1

Syracuse vs Virginia Lacrosse highlights

This is a debatable play to use but it’s just bad lacrosse. So Tucker Dordevic gets a solid shot off but then UVA counters with a fast break chance. Now the Orange have a player for a player to negate this fast break, but then Dordevic stops and let’s his man run free.

Obviously as an attacker, the Oregon native is required to stay on the left side of the field. However, there are midfielders behind him that can take his spot at attack while he strides with the UVA midfielder. Instead a 6-on-6 turns into a 6-on-5 and an easy transition goal for the Cavs. Also Brett Kennedy (11) for Syracuse needs to commit to sliding and take away that shot because everybody else was covered by then.

Play 2

Syracuse vs Virginia Lacrosse highlights

Just a simple case of ball watching here. Saam Olexo (48) and Grant Murphy (90) mix up who has which player. The Wahoos get a free run on cage. This is a something we discussed last week and clearly still needs to be fixed.

Play 3

Syracuse vs Virginia Lacrosse highlights

This guy is an absolute freight train but it simply cannot be this easy for Griffin Schutz (6). Brandon Aviles (43) needs to get much more physical here and use his body to keep Schutz from getting a good angle to score. Instead the SSDM is whacking at his bottom hand looking to create a turnover and allows the UVA attacker to establish position and essentially post up for a goal.

Syracuse had ZERO answers for this guy all game. The Orange should have made an adjustment to slide extremely early, bring a double team and try and get the ball on the deck but we didn’t see that from Dave Pietremala’s group.

Play 4

Syracuse vs Virginia Lacrosse highlights

Finally a positive to discuss. Syracuse struggled with its man-up offense against Maryland so its positive to see a goal result. The best way to find twine with an extra man is to utilize the skip pass. This is an absolute dime from Lucas Quinn (26) to Owen Seebold (14) who finishes in his wheelhouse. SU’s 6-on-6 offense could struggle at times this season with lack of explosiveness so the team needs to capitalize on the majority of its man-up situations.

Play 5

Syracuse vs Virginia Lacrosse highlights

The struggles at the short-stick defensive midfield position continue. Max Rosa (10) just gets obliterated and then fails to recover and pick up the man who Saam Olexo (48) was covering. The pair in Orange double-team UVA’s offender and leave Patyon Cormier (24) wide open for an easy goal.

Play 6

Syracuse vs Virginia Lacrosse highlights

Hate to beat a dead horse here but c’mon. This is day one, fundamental stuff that this defense fails to perform. Carter Rice (12) and Brett Kennedy (11) get mixed up and fail to communicate which leaves Connor Shellenberger (1) uncovered for a quick tough angle shot. No shade to Bobby Gavin here because his defense left him out to dry (as it typically does) but this is a save he probably should have made.

Play 7

Syracuse vs Virginia Lacrosse highlights

Again Syracuse having success utilizing the skip pass but this time in a 6-on-6 situation. Plays like this are always available for SU this season with outside snipers like Lucas Quinn and Brendan Curry. The Orange’s game plan should be to dodge for an open shot. If Curry or Quinn can split and get to their strong hand (although they can shoot well with both) and rip one from 15 yards out, SU can pepper the scoreboard. This team lacks explosion off the dodge so plays like this are what offensive coordinator Pat March should be looking for.

Next up for Syracuse is Army on Wednesday afternoon. The Orange will be looking to avenge last year’s season opening loss to the Cadets.

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