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Can Syracuse’s 2023 Recruiting Class Be as Good as 2022?

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Syracuse’s 2022 recruiting class is one of its best in recent memory. Jim Boeheim and his staff have taken a lot of flack over the past few years for not bringing in the same caliber recruits that they did a decade ago. The 2015 sanctions obviously play into that. But, that did not eliminate SU from getting good players altogether.

2022 feels like the first class that will truly make an impact on the program. While it may be quantity over quality, there are still some high-caliber players suiting up for Boeheim next season. 

With three 4-stars, all of whom will likely play big minutes as freshmen, and three 3-stars, who also may get some run in year one, it proves how much Syracuse needed this kind of recruiting class.

Last season Boeheim went the route of the transfer portal to rebuild the roster. That unequivocally failed. He may have to use the portal again this offseason to fill out the team, but in no way is he making that his main way of getting players to SU.

Syracuse needs a backup center. They’ve talked to and hosted former target, Quincy Ballard, on a visit just this past weekend. Ballard would be a good get and someone who can provide length and athleticism in the zone as a backup option behind Jesse Edwards.

It also would not be the biggest shock in the world if the Orange brought in another forward, as the most senior forward on the roster right now likely to play big minutes is sophomore Benny Williams. John Bol Ajak is still on the roster as a fourth-year player, but it would be shocking if he played real minutes.

So, all in all, the 2022 class looks strong, and the roster is now supplemented with young talent for the future. But, how can Boeheim build on this strong class?

The real question is if this will be his last season. Syracuse has made offers in 2023 and 2024, but nothing serious has emerged among those classes. Is there a reason for that? It‚Äôs part of the reason that it will be very difficult for SU to top its 2022 class in 2023. 

The Orange have sent out plenty of offers, including to number one over player DJ Wagner, but everything is “cool” on the Syracuse basketball prospects page on 247 Sports. Compare that to Duke and Jon Scheyer, who has five commits already in 2023 and four 5-stars pledged to the Blue Devils.

Who knows what Boeheim has up his sleeve. We already know he has an ‚Äúironclad‚Äù plan for his retirement, but what about future recruiting beyond 2022? Is that being led by him, or is Adrian Autry or Gerry McNamara going to take the reins after this season? We’ll find out soon enough.

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