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Q&A w/ ’23 SU Football Recruit Zyir Daniel

We’re in the heart of summer ball and camp season here in mid-June! Campus is empty here in the 315 but the preparations for the 2022 season continue for Syracuse football. Of course the warm months also offer opportunities to allot more time and energy towards building the future of the program. Dino Babers and Company just hosted a camp last week which drew a lot of attendees to the Hill.

SU is in a bit of a lull right now in terms of recruiting. The last 2023 prospect to pledge Orange was Rashard Perry over two months ago! Now, Perry has since shot up the rankings and is now the top recruit New York, according to 247sports. However, there is much more work to be done.

One camper who was in attendance was Zyir Daniel. The rising senior is gearing up for just his third year of playing football and had an “awesome” experience. We set up a Q and A with the Calvert Hall prospect to learn more about his recruitment and experience in the Salt City.

John Eads- I guess to start, just recap the experience overall. Some of the stuff you guys did and what the coaches taught you along the way.

Zyir Daniel- “We did a lot of get off drills, drills to keep our target low, hip drills etc. Coach Achuff focused on me keeping low, which I‚Äôve noted and is currently working on during my training”

Eads- Has there been any discussion with any college coaches about where you could project at the next level? Whether it be d end or another spot on defense or even offense?

Daniel- “Yes. Some coaches would want me to gain another 20 pounds to play d end. That wouldn‚Äôt be an issue because of my body type‚Ķ also my dad, uncles, grand father and cousins are all over 250+. Also, they spoke about playing linebacker. I have a quick first step, good lateral movement, but will need more training to play that position, but I‚Äôm up to it. This will be my third year ever playing, so I am a sponge.

Eads- Which schools are looking at you?

Daniel- “A few schools like Penn State came to visit me at my school as well as coaches from Pitt, ECU, etc will message me liking what they see from me. A lot of talk, but nothing serious right now. I know it‚Äôs about to change, especially when I‚Äôm at camps performing very well.

Eads- What have the discussions been like with the SU staff?

Daniel- “As of now, nothing serious about offers or anything ‚Ķ but everyone has been very nice and responsive which means a lot. Coach Ahmad invited me to the camp and we tried to come to do a visit earlier this year but timing was bad. He‚Äôs a cool dude! Coach Achuff and Coach West are as well. Also Mr Maddox. He took his time to speak with my and my dad about the Syracuse culture.

Eads- Are u gonna try and get out for a visit this fall?

Daniel- “Yes. I would love to return for a visit this fall. Even this summer. “

Eads- Getting back to camp, did u work with any of the current SU players?

Daniel- “Yes. Mostly the d lineman. Denis Jaquez is real cool. I sent him my video from camp and he really liked it. Also Caleb was there to help with drills. There‚Äôs a few others but can‚Äôt remember their names.”

Eads- How do u think u would fit into the 3-3-5 scheme?

Daniel- “That would fit well with my abilities either as strong or weak side LB. My speed and quickness would be a problem. I played AAU basketball so I‚Äôm used to playing in tight spaces.”

Eads- Interesting, so not at DE?

Daniel- “That too lol. I already know once I‚Äôm at college I‚Äôm going to gain 20 pounds. I want to be known as a versatile player being able to play both.”

Stay tuned for continued coverage of Syracuse football and recruiting throughout the summer, more commitments should be coming over the next two months!

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