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Funny Syracuse-Themed Team Names

In the heart of New York State, away from the insanity of NYC, lies the oasis of Syracuse University. Known for its world-class photojournalism, public affairs, and information technologies departments, SU is a haven for budding intellectuals. It’s also known as a world-class party school with some kick-ass sports teams, so take that nerds!

Here are our best Syracuse-themed team names to pay homage to the diverse life on the Hill.

These funny team names work for pretty much any sport. Football, basketball, baseball – heck even your Syracuse-themed fantasy rowing team.

Oh, and if you are in a fantasy rowing league, DM me. I want in.

1. Juicing the Orange

2. Orange Crush

3. Orange Justice

That’s a Syracuse team name and a Fortnite team name. Ask a current Syracuse student if you don’t understand.


4. Orange You Glad

5. You Otto Know

6. You Otto Be in Pictures

7. Otto Implies Can

If you took classes with Professor Baynes in the Philosophy Department, you’ll get this Syracuse fantasy team name.

8. Good Ex-Cuses

9. ‘Cuse Me?

10. Yes Syr

Syracuse Football Team Name Ideas

Ok, so Syracuse hasn’t won a football championship since 1959. They still get to play in the Carrier Dome, which is cooler than a lot of NFL stadiums.

Yes, I’m aware it’s technically the JMA Wireless Dome now, and no, I will not be using that name.

11. Shrader’s Revenge

12. Super Shrader

Both of these last two are Garrett Shrader plus Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team names.

13. Gair It Out

You can also spell it Garrett Out if you want. He has technically graduated, after all.

14. Little Tuckers

15. Tucker Gently

16. Tuckered Out

17. CD-RW Drive

Get in early on all the Carlos Del Rio-Wilson team names, before he becomes the next big thing.

18. Gadsden Flag

19. No Ifs, Ands, Orondes

20. The Lion’s GadsDen

Dino Babers Team Names

Dino Babers has been the head football coach for seven years now. That’s pretty good, but don’t expect folks to be impressed when Jim Boeheim is still on campus.

Give it another 20 or 30 years, then they’ll start taking notice. Until then, you’ll just have to make do with these Dino Babers team name ideas.

21. I Got You Babers

22. Baberians

23. Total Babers

24. Dinosaur Train

25. Dinosaur Jr.

26. Dino Stomp

This is a great name because it references both children’s dances and the iconic Carrier Dome Stomp. And also just dinosaurs, which are objectively pretty cool.

27. Dino King

28. Dino Run

29. Dino Roar!

30. Dino World

Classic Syracuse Football Names

Syracuse football has an amazing history. There’s Donovan McNabb, Walter Reyes’ 5-TD game, and you have to watch The Express: The Ernie Davis Story.

Of course, there are also moments like the infamous Hangman Game – but that’s not what we’re focusing on here.

31. The Ernie Express

32. Dungey Crabs

32. Dungey Family

33. Dungeys and Dragons

Dungeys and Drageys is pretty cute too.

34. Nassiblings

35. Graves Injustice

36. McNabbsolutely

37. I Need a Nabb

38. Csonks for the Memories

39. Walter Reyes of Sunshine

40. Moose Tracks

41. Moose Knuckles

Darryl Johnston was an All-Pro fullback with a Hall of Fame nickname.

42. Orange Floyd

43. Delone Survivor

44. Delongest Yard

45. Marvin’s Gardens

46. Harrison of Sam

47. Call Me Ishmael

48. Ishmaelestrom

Syracuse Basketball Team Name Ideas

My brain knows that Jim Boeheim will, eventually, retire. My heart, on the other hand, refuses to believe it until I actually see someone else stalking the Dome’s sidelines.

Here are some Syracuse basketball team names for the current players, who yes, are still coached by Jimmy B.

49. Mintz Condition

50. Lion of Judah

51. Judah Man Now, Dawg!

52. Fresh Mintz

53. Mintzy Fresh

54. Life Saver Mintz

If you need more mint pun options, then here’s a bowlful.

  • Altoids Mintz
  • Curiously Strong Mintz
  • Ice Breakers Mintz
  • After Dinner Mintz
  • Starlight Mintz

55. Edwards to Live By

56. The Big III

57. Symir Down Now

Jim Boeheim Team Names

Was there a time before Boeheim? I guess there must have been, but honestly, no one seems to remember it.

Jim Boeheim is Syracuse basketball – ’nuff said. Here are some Jim Boeheim team names to pay tribute to the legend.

58. B Boys

59. Jim is Bae-heim

60. Boeheim Time

61. Boeheim Bros Basketball

They’ve graduated now, but I still think it’s pretty cool that the Boeheim brothers got to play for their dad.

62. JB’s Finest

63. JB Smoove

64. JB Scotch

65. JB’s Blend

Classic Syracuse Basketball Team Names

It’s crazy to me that Syracuse only has one basketball championship in their long, storied history. They have been to six Final Fours though, which is good enough to be top ten all time.

Granted, they’re tied with like seven other schools for that tenth spot, but it still counts as top ten.

66. Carmelo Bars

67. Sweet as Carmelo

68. Melo Flava

69. The MCW-niverse

70. Oshae Can You See

71. Flynn Any Case

72. Battle Flag

73. G’s Move In Silence

74. Going to Warrick

75. Gerry’s Kids

76. Bing Is for Doing

77. Bada Bing

Syracuse Campus Team Names

NGL, if you didn’t go to SU, you may not have any idea what these Syracuse fantasy team names mean. But for folks that did attend, these names give you some serious Crouse Street cred.

78. Running Up Tipp Hill

79. I’ve Got Elmwood

80. Game, Setnor, Match

81. Heroy Ball

82. Holden My Telescope

83. Insomniac Maniac

Syracuse Fantasy Team Names from Around the Internet

With over 324,000 degrees granted, you’re bound to bump into other Syracuse alumni out there in the world. That number doesn’t even count all the current students, faculty, and folks that didn’t quite meet the requirements for graduation.

Otto is everywhere! Someone is going to get these obscure Syracuse team name references.

84. Shrader and the Foot Clan

85. Hit Me Babers One More Time

86. Duce for the Cuse

87. Dungey’s Flying Knee

If you don’t get the reference, or if you just want to relieve the magic, it’s well worth a watch.

88. Bad Mother Tucker

89. Carmelo Out, Dude

90. Hoodie Melo

91. Smooth and Melo

More Syracuse Team Name Ideas

Are you an SU alumni?

Did you grow up in the region rooting for their sports teams?

Are you just a Carmelo Anthony fan looking to pay homage to his college days?

Whatever your origin story, if you’ve got any better Syracuse team name ideas, let us hear ’em. Take your best shot in the comments below, and if we like them, we’ll graduate them into the main article!

The Fizz is owned, edited and operated by Damon Amendolara. D.A. is an ’01 Syracuse graduate from the Newhouse School with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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