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Can you win by betting on sports without knowing the sport?

Although it may seem hard to believe, you can make money even if you don’t know anything about the sport you are betting on. For this, many people who do not know much about any sport turn to professional tipsters, who are people who study a match of a sport they know a lot about and decide what to bet on. 

There are tipsters for many different sports, although most of them concentrate on the most popular sports, such as tennis, football or basketball. 

However, it is precisely the tipsters of less popular sports that offer the highest profits to all their clients, as they usually have better information than the bookmakers themselves and manage to offer very high returns for all users who trust their predictions.

With the money comes the scams

As with the bookmakers themselves, where we can find companies that try to keep the money of customers, i.e. bookmakers that turn out to be scams, with tipsters we can find great professionals but also people who appear to have a greater knowledge than they really have. To choose a bookmaker that suits us, we can visit websites that analyse them and warn us of the possible problems that we can find. As online betting has become very popular, websites of this type are already appearing in all languages, such as Japanese. A few years ago, online gambling was not very widespread in the country, but with the growth of online gambling worldwide in recent years, Japan has not been left out and the number of people interested in online gambling in the country has also increased considerably.

However, with tipsters we have almost no websites where we can find opinions or reviews of the services they offer. This makes it more difficult to be sure that we are hiring a real professional and not a fake betting guru. In any case, what we can do is to ask for verified statistics before hiring him, because if these are stored on a serious website, we can trust the history of earnings that the tipster can accredit.

In this aspect we must also take into account the platform where the bets are verified, because there are unreliable platforms that allow you to edit the bets and we could be victims of a scam.

Despite all the risks mentioned above, the truth is that most tipsters try to do their job to the best of their ability and will not try to cheat us, even if we are exposed to the bad luck of them failing several bets in a row. However, this does not necessarily mean that he is a bad tipster. In sports betting we can only rely on large betting samples because in a few bets variance and luck have too great an influence to be able to draw reliable conclusions.

And you, did you know about the option of hiring a tipster?

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