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The Biggest Needs in the Transfer Portal

The floodgates opened yesterday and the transfer portal has already gone crazy. If you were keeping up with live updates it seemed like there were bunches of players entering the portal every single minute. Some big names released announcements of their intentions to play football at other schools. To keep up with the marketplace here’s the link to the homepage:

Syracuse has already lost some players to the transfer portal. The names include Courtney Jackson, Josh Hough, Tyler Magnuson, Dom Foster, and Anthony Queeley. More could be on the way as the offseason continues to play out, so stay updated right here with that.

That’s who SU lost, but what positions need to be filled with the transfer portal this offseason?

Wide Receiver

Syracuse’s top pass catcher is back in Oronde Gadsden II. The “tight end” garnered All-ACC 1st team honors in 2022. Other than that, Jackson was SU’s wideout option one in the 2021 season but did little to nothing this year. Seventh-year senior DeVaughn Cooper was one of the other lone bright spots for the Orange but his eligibility has been exhausted.

Syracuse does bring back Damien Alford who really came on strong late in the season. Reserves like Trebor Pena, D’Marcus Adams, and Isaiah Jones (injured) figure to return as well.

SU had an issue with being one dimensional last year. Gadsden hauled in 54 receptions for 891 yards and six touchdowns. The next most prolific receiver was Cooper with his 29 catches for 376 yards and three scores. The Orange need more production next season and really should be begging for a wideout two option.

Defensive Line

The most glaring need on the defensive side of the ball should be obvious at this point. Syracuse had opportunities to plug gaps last offseason and did not. There’s no excuse for not bringing anybody in this time around. SU was starting third-string players by the time the end of the season rolled around.

Terry Lockett should be back from injury next season, Caleb Okechukwu has one more season if he wants it, and Jatius Geer is ready for a potential breakout season.

If you’re Syracuse you should be attempting to build depth and maybe find a star in the rough. Can you find an FCS school with an unheralded player who wants to make the jump to FBS? SU has done it in the past with someone like Cody Roscoe. Hit the portal and fill needs in your defense.

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