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What Would Bringing In Elijah Moore Accomplish?

The obvious answer is that Syracuse would add a four-star guard from the class of 2024 that has also gotten offers from the likes of Arkansas, Illinois, St. John’s, and Xavier. That instantly says a lot about his prowess. But bringing in Moore sooner rather than later would put the program back on the map when it comes to recruiting.

It’s been well-documented here on the Fizz that recruiting the class of ’23 has been anything but successful. Players have been flying off the board left and right, and not one has chosen to head to the 315. JP Estrella. Papa Kante. Elijah Gertrude. Zion Cruz. We could go on and on naming prospects Jim Boeheim and company have failed to bring in. It’s gotten more and more demoralizing to see recruits not pick Syracuse, but bringing in someone from the class of ’24 would provide a much-needed spark.

Moore grew up in the Bronx, and it’s no secret how good the high school/AAU basketball circuit is in and around New York City. He also plays at Cardinal Hayes High School which just so happens to be the same school at which highly-touted 5-star PG Ian Jackson plays at. The last 5-star recruit to commit to the Orange was Chris McCollough all the way back in 2014. It may still be a long shot, but bringing in Moore would help bring in Jackson, and vice versa.

Now let’s talk about what Moore can do as a player. One word especially comes to mind… shooter. It’s no secret that this year’s team has lacked three-point shooting prowess after the 2021-22 squad lived and died by the long ball. And considering there are no shooters coming up for SU in the class of ’23 because well, there is no one for SU in the class of ’23, it would fill a major need. Not to mention Joe Girard, the only “consistent” three-point shooter on this year’s squad, is more likely than not done in the 315 after this season. We live in an era of basketball where many teams live and die by their three-point shooting, bringing in Moore would certainly pull SU towards the “live” side of that equation.

So Moore committing to Syracuse would make the program a legitimate recruiting destination, potentially help attract a 5-star, and fill what always is a big need for a basketball team. What isn’t to love?

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