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Super Bowl LVII: Top 5 Players Of The Philadelphia Eagles

With the Super Bowl LVII matchup just days away, Eagles vs. Chiefs, everyone is wondering who will take home the Lombardi trophy. Between the Eagles and the Chiefs, there will be plenty of individual battles taking place, but the oddsmakers believe the Philadelphia Eagles chances to win the Super Bowl is higher.

This is actually the first Super Bowl matchup since 2017 that puts two teams with top seeds from their respective conference against one another. So, it’s a battle of the best.

Both teams are terrific, and there’s plenty of talent on both sides. But, now it is time for us to ask who is the best of the best. 

Let’s go over the best Philadelphia Eagles players, those who will influence on the outcome of the Super Bowl this weekend.

Who Will Have The Most Influence?

The Eagles have been great all season, and making it to the Super Bowl has definitely validated their year-long success.

Most know how brilliant Jalen Hurts is, but who else will need to step up for the Eagles to win the title?

Let’s take a look at the top 5 players in the Eagles. 

#1. Jalen Hurts

Before the season, Hurts was not even seen as a proven starting quarterback, but things can change fast, and Hurts continued defying expectations over the season. 

He helped the Eagles stay top of the game in the NFC, and secure the best NFC record. 

If Hurts did not miss three starts thanks to his injury, he could have ended up as the top MVP. When he got injured he was the frontrunner, and while he is not quite the pure passer Mahomes is, he brings a lot of talent as a runner. 

He combined for 4,461 yards rushing/passing and 35 touchdowns, and turned the ball over only 8 times in the regular season. He has a chance to put himself near the top of the list of young QBs with a win on Sunday.

#2. Jason Kelce

Kelce is the older brother of Travis Kelce of the Chiefs. He is 35 and has spent all of his 12 years in the NFL with the Eagles, and even though he was a 6th round draft pick back in 2011, he started all 16 of his rookie games. 

Having played over 176 NFL games in the regular season, he started every one of them. Kelce may even be a name to look out for in the Super Bowl LVII picks for prop bets.

He might be older, but he is still playing at an elite level, and he grades as the 2nd best run-blocking center of the season, played in the Super Bowl win 5 years ago, and due to his knowledge of the game, he is quite the asset.

#3. Haason Reddick

Pass rushers may not touch the ball, but are still incredibly influential. Reddick racked up 2 sacks, and then forced and recovered a fumble, tallying 3 tackles in the NFC Championship game alone. He also knocked Brock Purdy out of the game.

He played 29 snaps and completely destroyed the 49ers plans. 

This was a dominant season for him, netting 16 sacks in the regular season, and he forced 5 fumbles while being a 2nd team All-Pro. 

This is his 3rd season in a row with sacks in the double digits, so, keep your eyes on him. 

#4. A.J Brown

A.J. Brown is undoubtedly a number 1 option as a wide receiver, he is fast, big, strong and has epic ability.

The Eagles were more than happy to pay a first-round pick for him to come to Philly, and it was worth it. Brown took the Eagles passing game to new heights and is a tough matchup for the Chiefs secondary.

#5. Lane Johnson

Johnson is not your typical offensive lineman. His college career began as a quarterback, but made his change, and it worked out.

He was the overall 4th pick in the NFL Draft and has been one of the top offensive lineman we have seen in the last decade. He’s already won one Super Bowl, and has been named All Pro twice. His athleticism is ideal, and fully expect him to take on the Chiefs with full force.

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