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2023 NFL Draft: Everything You Need To Know

The NFL Draft is the annual event where all football fans highly anticipate who their teams will select to join the squad. It’s an exciting time for fans as they get a glimpse of their team’s future. But with so much happening during the draft, it can be hard to keep track of everything. 

Let’s cover everything you need to know about the 2023 NFL Draft, including some insights into the draft odds and how it may impact Syracuse.

The Basics

As we approach the 2023 NFL Draft, many fans and analysts will be looking to the NFL draft odds to make predictions and place bets. The draft is April 28th to April 30th, with the first round on the first day. This year’s event will be held in Kansas City, and will be broadcast live on multiple networks. 

The Chicago Bears had the first pick but have traded that to the Panthers, followed by the Houston Texans and the Arizona Cardinals. As we know, the draft order is determined by the team’s win-loss record from the previous season, with the worst-performing teams getting the highest draft picks. This system is in place to allow weaker teams to improve by getting the first pick of the new players available in the draft.

The Prospects

The most exciting aspect of the NFL Draft is the talent pool available. College football players nationwide hope to make it onto an NFL team. Some of the top prospects this year include defensive tackle Jalen Carter from Georgia., edge rusher Will Anderson Jr. from Alabama, and Quarterback Bryce Young also from Alabama.

NFL Fans in Syracuse

Let’s focus on how it will impact local teams. Let’s keep an eye on the Buffalo Bills and the New York Giants, the two most popular teams in Syracuse. Both teams made the playoffs, and both fell short in the divisional round.

Both teams have needs that they will be looking to address in the draft. The Bills could use some help on the defensive side of the ball. They ranked 16th in total defense last season and could use a playmaker to help them take the next step. They may also angle for another receiver for Josh Allen. The Giants spent $160M on Daniel Jones, so they could use some help on the offensive line to protect their wealthy quarterback and give their receivers time to get opem.

Wrap Up

The NFL Draft is an exciting event that gives fans a chance to see the future of their team. It’s a time when dreams come true for young players who have worked hard to make it to the NFL.

For Syracuse fans, the focus will be on the Bills and the Giants, as well as the first pick overall. Both teams have needs they want to address in the draft. It will be crucial to keep an eye on how the NFL draft odds move depending on draft strategy. These teams must make the most of their picks and build a strong roster for the upcoming season, and the hunt for franchise QBs is always interesting on the first night.

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