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A Fizz Farewell: The Good, Bad and Ugly

All great things must come to an end. That’s how it goes here at Orange Fizz. As I prepare to graduate in a couple weeks, my four-year Fizz career will pass me by. Unfortunately for me, everything lives forever on the internet. So I leave you with a compilation of the best (and worst) takes from my four years at the Fizz.

The Best Takes

Strike out they did, and that guy just won a national championship.
Sterlin Gilbert was a terrible offensive coordinator from the get-go, and I had my finger on the pulse of that pretty early on.
I always had a keen sense of when to fade UVA. Did it this year too, and look what happened with Furman.
It was not. Nobody east of the Mississippi ever heard of Quincy Guerrier again!

The Worst Takes

Think back to late February of 2021, when SU lost to Georgia Tech on the road in rather embarrassing fashion. The last line of this story: “Time to get out the binoculars and look for a center in the transfer portal”
What a weird year of Syracuse basketball this was. I thought Alan Griffin was going to be the next great Syracuse guard, and he got benched for Robert Braswell during the ACC Tourney.
I was waaaay too much of an Alan Griffin apologist.

These Don’t Even Make Sense

This was bad, bemoaning the loss of a five-star recruit, but everyone in Syracuse was doing it at the time. Chances are, Dior Johnson coming to the Hill would’ve been a bigger mess than him decommiting as a high school sophomore.
Hough never even came close to seeing meaningful game action because of a massive weight gain, and is now in the portal.
I was convinced Patrick Tape would be an old-school, back-to-the-basket center who schooled people in the paint. He transferred to Duke, barely played for a year, then went to the University of San Francisco.

It’s been a heck of a ride covering all things SU. Go Orange.

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