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Become a Syracuse Sports Phenom: Amp
Up Your University Team Fandom!

Are you a proud Syracuse University student who bleeds Orange? If yes, then it’s time to
elevate your fan experience and transform into the ultimate Syracuse superfan! This article
will help you ignite your passion for Syracuse sports by providing exciting, insightful, and
actionable ways to express your support for the university’s athletic teams. Get ready to
boost your school spirit to unmatched heights!

Join the Otto’s Army:
Kick-start your superfan journey by joining Otto’s Army, the official student section for
Syracuse University athletics. This passionate group of students leads the charge in cheering
on the Orange, creating an electric atmosphere during games. As a member, you’ll participate
in various events, make new friends, and contribute to the raucous energy that fuels our
teams to victory.

Attend Home and Away Games:

While attending home games is a must for any superfan, taking your support on the road is
the next level. Follow the Orange to away games and showcase your unwavering dedication.
Coordinate road trips with friends, or join university-organized travel groups to make
unforgettable memories while backing our teams.

Create Game Day Traditions:
Elevate your game day experience by establishing unique traditions with your friends.
Tailgate parties, face painting, and wearing outrageous Orange outfits can become a
hallmark of your superfan status. Share your traditions on social media using hashtags like

SyracuseSuperfan, and inspire other students to join the frenzy.

Get Involved in Sports Betting:
Those looking to add extra excitement to their fan experience should consider sports betting.
You can legally wager on sports and particular events in New York, like the NFL draft odds.
However, always remember to bet responsibly and within your limits. Research the teams,
analyze statistics, and make informed decisions to enhance your enjoyment of Syracuse

Connect with Fellow Fans and Alumni:
Expand your network of superfans by connecting with Syracuse alumni and fellow
supporters. Participate in official university events, engage in online fan forums, and attend
local sports bars during game nights. Building relationships with others who share your
passion for Syracuse sports will enrich your fan experience.

Show Your Pride with Orange Gear:
Nothing says Syracuse superfan like sporting the iconic Orange. Stock up on Syracuse
merchandise, such as jerseys, caps, and face masks. Don’t hesitate to go all-out on game
days, decked in your best Orange gear to show your unwavering support for the university’s

Learn the Chants and Fight Song:

A true superfan knows all the chants and the fight song by heart. Brush up on the lyrics and
join in with gusto when the band strikes up the tunes. The more you sing, the more you’ll feel
connected to your fellow fans and the Syracuse spirit.

Volunteer and Support Athletic Programs:
Volunteering for athletic programs is a great way to contribute to Syracuse’s sports success.
Assist with organizing events, managing social media, or mentoring younger fans. Your efforts
will not only help the teams but also strengthen your bond with the Orange community.
Embrace these exhilarating steps and watch as your Syracuse superfan status soars to new
heights. Unleash your passion for the university’s athletic teams and revel in the camaraderie,
excitement, and glory that come with being a true Orange supporter. Go Orange!

The Fizz is owned, edited and operated by Damon Amendolara. D.A. is an ’01 Syracuse graduate from the Newhouse School with a degree in Broadcast Journalism.


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