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Braden Davis is a Big Add

Photo Courtesy of 247 Sports

Right when we thought Syracuse’s quarterback room was solidifying itself, this bombshell drops earlier this week.

Garrett Shrader and Carlos Del Rio-Wilson, you’ve got company. Braden Davis is a former 3-star recruit who was named the Gatorade Player of the Year in Delaware back in 2021. Even though The First State isn’t exactly a high-school football powerhouse, still an impressive accomplishment all the same. Davis takes his services to Central New York after spending 2022 at South Carolina, the same school LaNorris Sellers spurned the Orange for. Regardless of whether the two are related, that’s eyebrow-raising. That aside, Davis is a big get for Dino Babers and company.

Any time you add a quarterback who is 6-foot-5 and as mobile as Davis, how can you not get giddy? 247 Sports describes Davis as “athletic with escapability, good arm strength that will improve with maturity, and shows very good touch on intermediate and deep balls” among other traits. That should bode well if Davis is thrust into the fire at any point this season, considering Syracuse’s offensive line isn’t exactly golden without Matthew Bergeron. Davis certainly needs to put on weight if he’s going to succeed in the long run, but those traits are very positive.

Now, there’s pressure on and another solid option with Del Rio-Wilson behind Shrader. As much as the analytics may love QB1, the injury risk that comes with his style of play is undeniable, we saw it on full display when the schedule got tougher last season. As for Del Rio-Wilson, his performances against Notre Dame and Pitt last season were less than inspiring. Simply put, there could be an opportunity for the taking not long into Davis’ time at SU.

Finally, even though Davis may not have been a shining star in Columbia, it’s still an SEC school. Davis saw first-hand what the creme of the crop in college football looks like- the Gamecocks took on Arkansas, Tennessee, Clemson, and top-dawg Georgia in 2022. Sure, Davis wasn’t under center for those games, but you can learn a lot from being on the sidelines for games like that. Having that under your belt can not only make Davis a better player but his teammates as well if they play their cards correctly.

Shrader is undisputedly Jason Beck’s top QB option, but the race for number 2 has opened up once again. If Davis has an impressive summer, don’t be surprised to see him slotted behind Shrader on the depth chart.

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