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Did the Cardinals get a steal with Syracuse’s Garrett Williams in the 3rd round?

The NFL Draft is one of the most anticipated events in the world of sports. For players, it can be a life-changing experience where they get to fulfill their dreams of playing at the highest level. And Garrett Williams selection could be a steal for the Cardinals.

The draft process is filled with anticipation and anxiety as players wait to hear their names called by teams looking for their services.

It is a crucial event for teams that can determine their future success or failure. It is a roller coaster of emotions as they evaluate potential prospects and make decisions on who to select. Teams have to balance risk and reward when drafting players, deciding whether to go for safer choices or take chances on high-risk/high-reward selections.

The NFL Draft also brings excitement and hope for fans across the league, as they are eager to see who their favorite team will select and how these pics will impact the upcoming season.

Arizona Cardinals selected Garrett Williams

Arizona Cardinals head coach Jonathan Gannon has preached adaptability and versatility on the defensive side of the ball since taking charge of the team. “We don’t fit the players into the scheme; we fit the scheme around the player. 

I don’t box ourselves into an alignment. We’re going to try to play defense where we make sure we don’t get the ball thrown over our head and keep the points down and take the ball away. Those are kind of the main stats that I’m concerned with,” Gannon said in an interview back in April. 

“But everyone plays a hybrid of something or another, but I think you need versatility and scheme week to week to be able to take away their best players and that’s how we’ll do things.”

With the selection of Syracuse cornerback Garrett Williams, everything seems to indicate that coach Gannon will continue with his versatile approach on defense. Is Garrett Williams a steal?

Williams was one of Syracuse’s best players. During his four years with the team, he established a great career, earning honorable mention All-ACC honors after leading the league in passes defended in 2020. In 2021 he led SU in tackles and tackles for loss.

The Harrisburg, North Carolina native is a 6’ 0” outside corner with four interceptions and 21 passes defended in 28 career games in college, and his primary role has typically been covering the other teams’ top receivers.

Williams played quarterback from elementary school until his junior year when his head coach moved him to defensive back during a 7-on-7 weekend tournament.

Williams’ future in the NFL was at risk

Williams tore his ACL in the 41-24 home loss against Notre Dame on October 29 and he missed Syracuse’s final five games of the season. Despite missing those games, Williams finished second on the team in interceptions and pass breakups.

He declared for the NFL Draft on December 15, but his injury made teams wary of picking him.

Ryan Roberts from mentioned that Williams is expected to be cleared from his injury by July, but selecting him was still a risk.

“He’s a big gamble with the injury, but he is one of the most gifted cover-men in the draft,” Roberts told The D.O. Does that make Garrett Williams a steal in the third round?

Drafting an injured player in any sport can be a big risk, even if the player has a great track record. This is because all injuries can potentially affect performance levels and playing abilities. 

While some players may recover fully and quickly from their injuries, others may experience long-term effects that impact their ability to perform at the same level again.

When considering drafting an injured player, teams must weigh the potential risks against the rewards. Like Sports Betting in AZ, as you need to be careful and only do it on well-known and reputable betting sites.

Williams was the No. 72 overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft. The Cardinals acquired this pick earlier in an April 28 trade with the Tennessee Titans.

Monti Ossenfort, the team’s new general manager, dealt picks No. 33 and 81 in exchange for No. 41 and 72, in addition to a 2024 third-rounder. Arizona used the 41st pick on LSU edge defender BJ Ojulari. But with the selection of SU’s elite corner in the third, it begs the question whether Garrett Williams was a steal?

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