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Best Sativa Vape Juices to Choose From

Who said you cannot be a Sativa lover with vape liquids? There is something for you in multiple brands and different potencies and flavours. 

Known Effects of Sativa Vape Juices


As vaping continues to take the world by storm, there have been positive and negative reviews of the practice. A significant number of people are under the belief that more research is needed to decide whether it is safe or not. The other group supports the range of products and flavours supporting the practice. 

It is no wonder that manufacturers are producing items to suit the specific needs of their clients. Vape juices are among the best sellers in dispensaries and online platforms. The more variety a site has, the more likely it will have top-notch sales. 

Effects of Vaping with Sativa Vape Juices

As mentioned, vape juices come in huge numbers. There are different flavoured ones and others that are more potent than the rest. A good example of variety is the Sativa vape juice which utilizes Sativa dominant strains. The juices come in multiple strains as well as flavours. All you need to do is search for Sativa e-liquids online, and you will get several options. 

In gauging the effects of these e-liquids, it is important to look at some of their main features. For instance, are their potency levels any different from Indica dominant e-liquids? Such questions will ultimately lead to an analysis of their effects on the body once taken. 

A major characteristic of the Sativa e-liquids is their distinctive aroma and underlying flavour. Regardless of the overall flavour, such as CBDfx’s Maui Wowie, these strains offer a grassy undertone that is the same as all Sativa strains. After vaping, it is possible to feel other flavour hints, such as skunky and diesel-like smells. It is important to note that the dominant flavour is usually listed on the bottle. 

In terms of potency, it is common for these strains to either contain THC and CBD or individual cannabinoids. Hemp-derived strains do not contain sufficient THC levels, making them broad-spectrum vape juices. Marijuana-derived liquids, on the other hand, can have THC, but only if the packaging specifies the same. Their potency depends on the manufacturing process. It is possible to have a 99% CBD vape juice from a Sativa strain. 

With an analysis of the potency, the next step is the effects of these vape liquids upon ingestion. According to the article on the National Institute on Drug Abuse, Sativa strains offer different effects from Indica ones. The latter offers a relaxing body high that may help with sleep problems and ease anxiety and body tension. The former offers a more comprehensive head high that can result in happiness, relaxation, and increased focus. 

The overall effects of these juices depend on the product’s potency, the strain of the mother plant, and the person’s tolerance levels. While some people may feel euphoric and relaxed, others may feel sleepy and tired. Before using these products, it is ideal to gauge your needs and the potency of the e-liquid. 

Benefits of Sativa Vape Juices

After considering the general effects of these juices, it is only right that we look at their benefits. Different people report different benefits. Research studies offer the only consensus on what people stand to gain by using these Sativa e-liquids. The following are some of the common benefits.

It Does Away with Nausea

Nausea and loss of appetite are common symptoms of several illnesses. With these symptoms, patients cannot eat or keep anything down, which destroys their treatment options. Sativa strains offer relief from nausea and increase their appetite. They enable them to eat however little food they can and prevent them from committing it after a few minutes. This benefit aids in their general recovery and strengthens their immune systems to fight other diseases. 

It Helps with Sleep Problems

Insomnia, sleepwalking, and other sleep problems undermine people’s quality of life. Multiple people report improved sleeping quality after using the Sativa-dominant vape fluids. There is a need for caution with THC-dominant strains as they may lead to increased focus and activity instead of promoting sleep. It is advisable to go for high CBD, low THC e-liquids if your target is aiding your sleep needs. 

Helps in the Management of Chronic Illnesses

Several chronic illnesses result in unpleasant symptoms that may affect the patient’s day-to-day life. Conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s Disease, and Parkinson’s bring about pain and other unpleasant symptoms. Researchers found that certain doses of THC and CBD offer relief for some of these symptoms. 

They target pain relief, improved appetite, reduced anxiety, reduced nausea, and other helpful benefits. It is always ideal to consult a healthcare professional before self-medicating with cannabis products, regardless of your condition. The stated need for caution is because cannabis products often react with other medications you may be taking. 

Offers Pain Relief

Pain relief is one of the top reasons people opt for Sativa strains instead of Indica ones. Sativa strains offer a mind high that leads to an overall euphoric effect. The compound interacts with the CB1 receptors affecting how the brain registers pain. You may feel reduced pain levels with a single hit of THC-full vape juice. In case you are using other medications, it would be advisable to consult a healthcare professional to prevent doubling the two products’ side effects. 


Top Sativa Vape Juices in the Market

Other than CBDfx’s Maui Wowie, other Sativa e-liquids can have similar or better effects. These vape juices are not necessarily from a single brand. Their main similarity is that their main ingredient derives from Sativa dominant strains. These are the common ones you can find and use. 

Puff Juice

This juice is among the few predominantly CBD potent despite their strain origin. The ingredients utilize 99% of our CBD and some natural flavours. It has a distinctive aroma that is attributable to Sativa origins. It is suitable for daytime use, boosts moods, and improves relaxation for users. 

Sour Diesel Delta-8

The Delta Zero product offers a potent 500-4000mg delta-8 cannabinoid as a vape juice. It gets sourced from the Sour Diesel strain and offers all the benefits. It utilizes natural ingredients with no artificial additives of any kind. They use hemp extracts, natural flavours, and terpenes. 

AlfaCBD 10ml 

AlfaCBD is a revolutionary e-liquid that is available in multiple Sativa options. You can get it in several strains and flavours, including Strawberry Laces, Blackcurrant Lemonade, Mango, and Hizenberg. It is available in several potencies, with the best-selling one being 750mg. 

Diamond CBD

The disposable vape pen offers a potent strain with about 1600mg of THC. The juice is of the Clementine flavour. The pen has about 480 puffs, each offering about 3.33 mg of THC. Users reported feeling uplifted moods and energized like the parent strain. 

Pros and Cons of Vape Juices

Winding down the analysis of vape juices requires some pros and cons of these strains and their effect. These are the most notable ones, according to our research.


  • Energizing and uplifting effects
  • Wide variety of products to choose from
  • Potent THC and CBD levels


  • Only suitable for daytime uses


Similar to normal marijuana smoking, there is a debate on whether Indica strains or their opposites are better regarding vaping. Due to extraction technology and processes, people can get e-liquids from Sativa strains with dominance in THC or CBD. These extraction processes offer customers the variety they need for their vape juices. With the ones analyzed above, it is clear that they have a range of positive effects attributable to the parent strains. Before using them for medical purposes, consult a doctor for the right directions.  

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