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John Wallace on Boeheim: “Ultimate Players Coach”

In an interview on our leader Damon Amendora’s New York Accent Podcast, Syracuse All-American John Wallace had some great things to say about Jim Boeheim.

“Coach Boeheim is the ultimate player’s coach almost to a fault. He would do anything for his players, and we feel that, and it’s not just while you’re there. When you leave and come back, it’s always love. “

Boeheim has always been known to be a great person who players love, even though he has had his fair share of issues with the media and referees. Whether it be buying people’s dinners or making sure to shake everyone’s hand after an appearance, Boeheim always makes sure to do the right thing.

Boeheim the coach and person has been mixed together for a long time. Since the 90s its been talked about how Boeheim was misunderstood. Within all of the chaos of his retirement, there was an article from the archives that came out with that topic. It detailed how Boeheim would always be in the University Hospital playing on the floor with children diagnosed with cancer and blood disorders.

After Boeheim retired, legendary coach Bob Huggins said, “He’s an absolutely great guy. He’s a fun guy to be around. I think a lot of times people misunderstand what a really good guy he his and his humor.” Since retirement Boeheim has been in the public maybe more than ever. Appearing at the Boeheim’s Army TBT games and Bills training camp.

With Adrien Autry taking over as the new head coach, a former player for Boeheim, there is hope that the culture continues. Autry has already started off strong when it comes to recruiting. With a top 10 class for 2024 and five-star Jahlil Bethea interested in SU, there really couldn’t be a better start for the new headman. Now we just wait and see if it can be translated to on-the-floor success.

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