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Fizz Report Card: Syracuse Falls Flat Against Boston College 17-10

In front of the biggest crowd of the season tonight, Syracuse wasn’t blown out. I guess that’s an improvement. In one of the ugliest football games you’ll ever see the Orange lost their fifth in a row.

LeQuint Allen: A+

Why not start with a positive. LeQuint Allen single-handedly kept the Orange in this game. The best game of his career and it couldn’t have come in a bigger game. The 32-yard run in the first quarter set up the first score of the game. Then, at the end of the third quarter, the 56-yard run to set up the second scoring drive. LeQuint Allen was basically the entire offense today.

Carlos Del Rio Wilson: D+

If this grade was solely on CDRW as a running back it could be an A+. But of course, that isn’t his position. Del Rio Wilson made a few decent throws in the flats but just couldn’t get enough air under his deep balls. When he did, they were either intercepted or a WR had to make a DB-type play.

Dino Babers: F-

The penalties are just inexcusable at this point in the season. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a team commit this many false starts in November. And, you can’t forget about the end of the first half when instead of trying to be aggressive at all with the ball at the BC 40, Babers ran the ball. Brady Denaburg got close but a 57-yard field goal for a college kicker is just out of reach. You have to be more aggressive in a spot like that. It’s the same thing every game and every year with Dino Babers. On top of that, putting CDRW back on the field, obviously injured in passing situations was just baffling.

Jason Beck’s Fitbit: A+

I have never seen a coach run up and down the sidelines more than Jason Beck did today. On his first game of the season on the field, the offensive coordinator made sure he got all the right angles.

In terms of the playcalling, it was hit or miss for Beck today. At the start, he did a good job of getting creative and spreading the field but it seemed as if as time went on, things got more stale.

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