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Syracuse Is Exactly Where We Expected

Just five games into the 2023-24 season, and five games into the Adrien Autry era, some questions have already been raised. Now, yes there have been some issues, and specifically issues when it comes to the little things. The Orange have struggled to shoot free throws, play a consistent 40 minutes, and rebound. All stuff that is understandable to be concerned about. However, some fans have already said that John Wildhack made the wrong decision and Autry shouldn’t have been named the head coach.

It is just too early to make any major assumptions on the future of this program under Autry. The Orange had the longest odds to win the tournament and probably the toughest road. Syracuse has had to play two top 11 teams in the country, both of which are experienced. Tennesee and Gonzaga were both led by veteran guards, Ryan Nembhard and Dalton Knecht, who transferred in to their respective schools and will be all-conference talents.

Expecting Syracuse to go into Maui and get any result other than what we’ve seen was just unrealistic. The past couple of years, Syracuse has been a below-average ACC team that’s struggled to make the tournament. With two starters transferring away, expecting an instant massive leap in success was just unrealistic.

Now, the stuff that SU can control does have to be improved moving forward. The Orange need to be better from the free throw line and have to be able to put together a full 40-minute performance. But, with the age and experience of the Orange that can just take time. It’s hard to grasp this in the heat of the moment but patience is necessary. Syracuse had the same head coach for 47 years. Now someone new is in charge and its someone who has never been a collegiate head coach before. It just takes time.

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