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Blackjack Players Who Are Most Famous

One of the most extensive gambling entertainment on the internet is blackjack. Besides being a popular card game, it is a straightforward gaming option that has dominated the gambling industry for players. 

With Aces, Kings, Jacks, and Queens, Blackjack is made fun to finish with 21 or fewer cards. Immediately the game begins, the dealer will continue to play until the total reaches 17. For a player to emerge as a winner, he must be lucky enough to surpass the total value of the dealer with 21. On the other hand, if the dealer’s value finishes higher than his without reaching 21, he loses. 

Seeing how straightforward the game is, it is still a significant concern for many. However, many others have learned and perfected the game and are playing at an unmatched level. It is not difficult; you must dedicate time and effort to understand and play real-money blackjack games at reputable online casinos. 

Having said all that, here are 5 of the world’s famous blackjack players with mastery of the game: 

  1. Bryce Carlson

Bryce started his blackjack gaming days in the 70s and became famous in only a few years. Most of his fame during this time is mainly based on how he was able to discuss strategies with other players. He then mastered the skills of cards, concealment, and playing with teams. 

To relay his skill to others, Bryce published a book on Blackjack. This was even before the advent of online casinos. As time passed and online casinos became prominent, Carlson journeyed with other players on the internet and played the game for the test of skill. 

One of his favorite gaming memories came with a $200 hand at Las Vegas’ Excalibur. While writing this review, Bryce is now a pro player. He is also notable for creating a gaming software named Omega II Blackjack to assist him and others in playing Blackjack better. 

  1. Don Johnson

Another famous name that will forever be in the history of Blackjack is Don Johnson. 

His most memorable experience with the game was when he won over $15 million in six months all against three casinos in Atlantic City. 

Don’s style of play is fun, where he first staked $100,000 and received two eights. He divided this result and then split again when two eights came again. The dealer dealt two twice and three twice, which Don doubled on each hand. Immediately, the dealer drew two cards up to 15, Johnson won $800,000.

Funny enough, that was the beginning of a six-month winning streak Johnson secured. 

  1. Stanford Wong (John Ferguson)

Stanford Wong is the pen name of the popular gambling author John Ferguson. Besides being a famous blackjack author, he is a pro player of the game. 

Wong’s gaming days started when he was still a student at Stanford. Those were turbulent years, and the only thing that grasped his eyes was gambling as a source of money. In 1975, he released his first book, a predecessor of the Professional Blackjack book. 

The Wong in his name is a method of playing blackjack that he taught in his first book. The idea is that participants will hop tabled when playing the shoe game. As he became more actively involved in the online version of the game, he created software that assists with the analysis of odds in blackjack. He named it the Blackjack Analyser. 

  1. Russ Hamilton

Russ Hamilton is another famous blackjack player with a thrilling history. Before he became a master of the game, he used to play poker. Las Vegas took a good toll on him, and he later fell in love with the blackjack game. He played with many others and mastered the game. 

Although times came when Hamilton had a huge controversy with over $22 million involved, he still is a notable figure in blackjack. 

  1. Henry Tamburin

Have you heard of the book Blackjack: Take the Money and Run? 

Henry Tamburin is a professional blackjack player who is also the author of the mentioned book. After engaging in numerous games and losing lots of money, Tamburin decided to learn the game and recover from the previous experience. 

His mathematical knowledge helped him master the art of card counting, leaving him to become a master of the fundamental blackjack methods. He was a central figure in the blackjack competition on CBS, the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Now, he operates as a publisher of the “Blackjack Insider Newsletter” and has a website (Smart Gaming) that educates players on how to play the game. 

Wrap Up

All the figures above in this review are some of the most famous blackjack players with mastery. Besides impacting the gambling industry with their unique playing style, they have become good role models for blackjack enthusiasts. Being a pro blackjack player is not a quick scheme; with time and mastery, anyone can increase their chances of winning this game.

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