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The podcasts every basketball fan should listen to in 2024

For sports fans who are passionate about football or soccer, there are plenty of useful resources dedicated to their beloved sports. For basketball heads, the same applies, with an abundance of material based around shooting hoops. Given the popularity of the sport and podcasts in general, it probably comes as no surprise, either. 

For many basketball fans, podcasts are a preference. Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, podcasts are the perfect basketball-related products to explore as they do a great job of keeping fans fully locked in on the sport. Produced by respected publications, former players, and even knowledgeable fans with opinions to share, podcasts appeal to people who require a morning listen on the way to work or while driving home from the gym in the evenings. Essentially, they can be accessed as and when it suits a listener, and the options are extensive. 

In general, sports fans would rather consume a listenable podcast than read a 5,000-word in-depth article by Sports Illustrated. We live in a modern environment where society wants things quickly and conveniently. Podcasts fit the bill in that respect, particularly as they can be listened to while carrying out another activity, be it cleaning or cooking. People also listen to podcasts to help aid their betting adventures, with some opinions helping certain NBA odds to appeal even more. Likewise, any team news or rumors can also come in handy. Additionally, some popular productions ooze comical value, while others take a more serious look at the sport’s issues. 

Overall, podcasts in this area are extensive. It’s worth avoiding some of the shoddy productions that are out there, though. So, in order to keep you fully up-to-date with everything from the world of basketball, below is a look at a selection of podcasts that every basketball head should listen to in 2024. 

The JJ Redick Podcast

Accessible on YouTube and a variety of other platforms, The JJ Redick Podcast’s popularity is entirely understandable. One of the original NBA podcasters on the scene, he is one of the most insightful pundits around and provides a plethora of highly-rated podcasts to get firmly stuck into. Redick does a remarkable job of bringing a unique perspective to some of the sport’s major talking points while also sharing some fascinating stories from his time covering basketball, a pastime he clearly adores. Also featuring interviews with current and former players, The JJ Redick Podcast is well worth checking out. 

The Draymond Green Show

If you want an in-depth look into the basketball sphere with a current professional who clearly knows what they’re talking about, then look no further than The Draymond Green Show. The Golden State Warriors player’s foray into the podcasting arena has gone extremely well, with his charisma and likable nature transferring beautifully to the microphone. Green is a fine interviewer who brings respected guests onto his show. He offers first-hand knowledge of the sport, and there is plenty of comedy on offer in the numerous shows he uploads. Even if you aren’t a fan of the Golden State Warriors, you’ll enjoy this one. 

The Bill Simmons Podcast

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If you’ve been following the sport for a while, then you probably know exactly who Bill Simmons is. An option that has been thriving for a few years now, The Bill Simmons Podcast is the longest-running production in this area and has a strong community of listeners behind it. Focusing on the sport’s talking points but also taking a deep dive back through the archives and highlighting some past classics, the NBA’s highest-profile historian has created a podcast that is simply unmissable. For many basketball heads around the world, The Bill Simmons Podcast is hard to beat. 

Let's Talk About the Rookies: Wemby, Chet, Ausar, and More | The Dunker Spot

The Dunker Spot

Another podcast with a dedicated and loyal population of listeners who look forward to the usual weekly uploads, The Dunker Spot is the perfect listen for any pre-match and post-match content. Pumping out several shows a week, Nekias Duncan and Steve Jones Jr. are wonderful hosts with plenty of charisma. In fact, Steve Jones Jr. is the son of Portland broadcaster Steve “Snapper” Jones and clearly knows what he’s talking about. Likewise, Nekias Duncan’s passion is admirable, with both hosts contributing to the podcast’s obvious appeal. Overall, The Dunker Spot is a great podcast in this category. 


One of many podcasts that are the work of former professionals, Knuckleheads is right up there with the very best podcasts in the basketball sphere. Hosted by Quentin Richardson and Darius Miles, two retired players who both had solid careers in the game, this entertaining listen deserves your time and attention. Not only does it boast plenty of comical value given the pair’s evident friendship, but Knuckleheads is an enthralling listen pretty much every week, particularly when the pair are speaking to former players from their era. Also, looking at modern-day basketball news and sharing their respective views, Knuckleheads is a top podcast. 

The other leading basketball podcasts include Dunc’d On, The Lowe Post, All The Smoke, The Rights to Ricky Sanchez, Whistleblower, Brian Windhorst & The Hoop Collective, and No Dunks.

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