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Could Syracuse Football (gasp)… Be Overhyped?

We live in a topsy turvy time. Beyonce has the number one hit in country music, the Timberwolves and Thunder lead the NBA’s West, and Syracuse football may have “too much” hype. Wait, what?

SU released a hype video last week which is up to more than 100K views, and through it’s dramatic cinematography and amped up sound track, it certainly *looks* like the Orange have a new energy.

This is the next step in a walkway that moseys past online claims like “Syracuse can win the ACC” and “Syracuse is the biggest X-factor in college football.” Fran Brown’s vibe. Kyle McCord’s arm. The transfer portal class. The soft schedule. It’s enough to make many Orange fans wonder, “Is there too much hype?” for a program that has been completely ignored nationally for much of 20 years.

Let’s dissect it in this video.

Syracuse Football Expectations: Hype or Reality? I Damon Amendolara
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