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The mental and physical benefits of playing basketball

Basketball is a great sport. In fact, for many people, the opportunity to shoot some hoops is irresistible. Of course, not everyone has the ability to play for Syracuse, but that doesn’t mean that the sport is, therefore, off the table when it comes to playing it. Basketball is for all shapes and sizes and a range of abilities, with people playing the sport all around the world. 

In the modern environment, though, with participation in sports experiencing a decline throughout the US, sampling some end-to-end basketball action isn’t something that everyone is willing to do. It’s a sport that is designed for everyone to play, though, and it can be enjoyed in a serious manner or simply for fun with a group of friends on a weekend. 

Playing basketball is also the ideal opportunity for people who simply love the sport. Ability doesn’t always matter, especially when you’re creating memories on the court with your nearest and dearest. Alongside staying indoors and playing a basketball-themed title, and watching the big game while enjoying some live betting, you can immerse yourself further into a sport that provides a number of benefits to an individual. Below is a look at just some of them. 

Playing a sport like basketball is good for us  

While this particular benefit applies to most sports, basketball arguably does it better than most due to its team aspect. For people feeling a bit low on a particular day or for those who simply require a fun social activity to enjoy, playing basketball is an entertaining offering that can produce endorphins to help relieve any pain, reduce stress, and improve our sense of well-being. Humans simply need regular exercise and basketball is a fun and challenging way of putting your body through its paces. You might even make some new friends along the way. 

A basketball workout fluctuates in intensity 

Once you’ve decided to take the leap and organize a basketball game, then you’re essentially signing up to a sport that fluctuates in terms of its intensity. This in itself is a grueling workout, with players having to navigate a sport that involves sprinting one minute and jogging the next, therefore providing you with a beneficial dose of exercise that elicits a higher heart rate response. This contributes to better cardiovascular fitness oxygen uptake, and a range of other important health-related factors. These benefits can be experienced in more detail in a full-court basketball game, in particular, although half-court basketball still offers some notable benefits. 

It’s a sport that improves our fundamental movement skills 

In order to achieve an active lifestyle, we need to have fundamental movement skills. Put simply, if your fundamental movement skills are weak, then it’s a struggle nailing a particular sport. As such, keeping them in check with some regular basketball action is a great thing to do. The ability to run and jump, catch and throw, and balance and twist in an average game provides numerous benefits to our bodies. 

According to Koco Eaton, MD, orthopedic surgeon, and a former basketball player, the sport is perfect for developing fundamental movement skills. He said: “Fundamental movement skills such as sprinting, vertical jumping, and overhead throwing are very basic to physical movement. Basketball promotes speed, agility, strength, power, and endurance. It has also been shown to increase flexibility and motor coordination.” 

Basketball develops balance and coordination 

Another notable benefit of playing basketball regularly is the opportunity for someone to improve their balance and coordination. A sport that puts balance and hand-eye coordination to the test, throughout a typical encounter, players are having to jump, pivot, and change in a variety of directions. In turn, this helps an individual build their balance up and improve on their coordination the more they play the sport. Essentially, basketball tests the human body in a way that some other more prominent sports don’t. It’s therefore an effective way of developing balance and coordination, all while having fun on the court. 

Basketball can improve communication skills 

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In order to succeed on the basketball court, it generally helps if you’re a vocal presence who communicates with your fellow players. As such, sometimes, without realizing it, basketball can improve communication skills. Throughout a typical game, players also have to communicate with each other without using words, perhaps through verbal cues or even hand signals. Whatever your preferred method of communication is, basketball will help you improve on it, all of which might help you in a working environment or in various other aspects of your life. Overall, given its team aspect and the communication skills that are needed, basketball is a great sport to play. 

A fun way to lose weight and get fitter 

Another reason why many people are getting their Air Jordans back on for a dose of basketball action is because they simply want to lose weight and get fitter. While going to the gym is an option many people take up, it’s not for everyone. If you’re searching for an alternative, basketball might be it. Not only will you burn calories thanks to a fantastic aerobic workout, but basketball is capable of improving your overall fitness as you immerse yourself in a fast-paced, all-action sport. For many people, basketball is a fun way to get the exercise they need. Sinking regular three-point field goals while smashing a weight-loss goal is certainly pleasing, that’s for sure. 

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