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What NBA Stars Could Be on the Trade Block This Summer?

The window for teams to make trade-in season closed earlier this month. So trades are no longer permitted during the season. Any team interested in making a trade will have to wait until the end of the season. As we approach the summer, many NBA coaches and players are already in conversation about trades.

The NBA is a league with only one champion. And a solid regular season can lead to an underwhelming postseason, which means trades can happen with itchy GMs and coaches. If you want to get your money’s worth on any NBA Odds you wager on, trades are an important factor to consider. So, let’s take a closer look at some names to watch that could be on the trade block this summer. 

NBA Stars that Could be on the Trade Block this Summer

Trae Young – Hawks

There was a lot of pre-deadline chatter around Dejounte Murray of how Atlanta held onto him and coach Quin Snyder of the Hawks was a major advocate for the decision. But rumor also has it that the Hawks will have to trade one or the other of the two handlers. The question now is which of the two will the Hawks trade or will they end up trading both of them?

Hawks acquired Murray hoping that he and Young would grow as an off-ball player. But this hasn’t happened, as both Young and Murray are point guards. But Murray’s value dipped when he played out of position in Atlanta. And to be fair, Young isn’t without flaws as he has been among the worst defensive players in the NBA.

Karl-Anthony Towns – Timberwolves

The Timberwolves extending Mike Conley’s contract is a clear bargain and an assurance they will have to be above the second apron next season if they don’t move a core player. Conley’s new deal takes the team to within $5 million or so of the projected second apron. Anthony Edwards, if he is named an All-NBA team, would take them past the barrier, but if he doesn’t, then filling out the roster will.

If Minnesota tries to cut its tax bill by trading role players, it would be reckless. The question that puzzles many enthusiasts is how the team will replace everything Naz Reid does for less than $14 million this coming season. The reality is that the Timberwolves face a virtually impossible small-market team and this is where Karl-Anthony Towns may come in handy.

Donovan Mitchell – Cavaliers

Two months ago, Cleveland was Mitchell Waystation. But now, they are in second place in a wide open Eastern Conference behind the Celtics, and Mitchell is largely responsible for it. So, there is no more question regarding hierarchy or fit, as it’s clear the Cavaliers are Mitchell’s team, and they will do whatever is needed to ensure a clean roster fits around him.

But creating a clean roster around Mitchell is where it gets tricky. Rumor has it that the New York may have slowed, but it’s not as though they are being replaced by a steady stream of his stay in Cleveland. Past reports point east, although Cavaliers are adamantly refusing to entertain talks about their season falling apart. 

Mikal Bridges – Nets

Bridges’ potential in Brooklyn is being closely monitored. Considering Brooklyn’s balance sheet is built to pursue Mitchell is needed. But with Ben Simons coming off the books after the 2024 – 2025 season, the Nets will have a max cap slot to work with then.

The dream is to sign Mitchell outright and pair him with Mikal Bridges. At the same time, they have the draft capital from the Mavericks, 76ers, and Suns to trade with elsewhere. The Net’s plan is a championship equation, but it’s a path not available to the crosstown Knicks as their short-term goal has caused its roster to be too expensive for a free agent to pursue. 

One of the Pelicans

Finally, there’s suspicion that a player from the Pelican will soon be on the trade block this summer. Suspicions are on Jonas Valanciunas, as the Pelican may want to duck the tax next season and re-sign him. Also, if the Pelicans want to get creative, they can pull the same move with Jose Alvarado this summer.

The Pelicans are notorious for ducking tax, as they did with Herb Jones last summer. Jones was let out of the rookie contract a year early which made him face a depressed restricted free agent market, such that they can hopefully re-sign him at a bargain price. 


In summary, the NBA is a thrilling sporting event many fans look forward to every season. One of the thrills of the league is the trade-off as teams seek to bring on new players that will suit their team dynamic to make it strong enough to claim the cup. But every team is after the cup, making the trade block one of the thrilling aspects of the league. The players above may not be MVP candidates, but many of them are super talented.

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