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Where Do The Orange Go From Here?

Syracuse has turned into turmoil.

So, maybe March Madness is out of the equation. Despite that, there has to be a different, realistic goal for this team going forward – a reason to play hard and play with energy, with more than one month of the season remaining.

Don’t get me wrong. If the Orange win out, there’s still a legitimate shot at making the tournament. But let’s be real, folks. That remains to be a distant outcome with 3rd-ranked North Carolina on the horizon next week.

Before taking a look ahead, the past needs to be acknowledged. SU is coming off the two worst losses of the season. Head coach Adrian Autry is looking for any sort of spark to ignite the team for the next nine games.

Orange players should take to heart what Coach Autry said following the Wake Forest blowout.

“I’d like to apologize to our fans, our university, for that performance,” said Autry. “It’s unacceptable. Won’t be tolerated. Won’t be allowed. Won’t allow it.”

These words don’t come out after any loss. It took a 29-point demolition for Autry to express his emotions.

SU allowed 66% from the floor and 63% from beyond the arc. Those numbers are inexcusable.

The past is the past. Now what?

Syracuse needs to find ways to win, no matter how it looks. The offense is fine. Yes, it’s a bit inconsistent from time to time based on who steps up other than Judah Mintz and JJ Starling, but 75 points per game is still middle of the road in the ACC.

The defense is the biggest flaw right now. SU has let up 60% or more shooting in the last two games. Is it a structure issue, or is it simply effort based?

This goes hand in hand with rebounding. The Orange have been out rebounded 61-34 in the past two contests.

Syracuse desperately needs a win over Louisville Wednesday night. Or it’ll get booed off the floor.

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