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How Different Ranking Systems See Syracuse Basketball


Syracuse men’s basketball is a polarizing team this year. Some see the Orange as a barely top-100 team, while other systems see SU as tournament-worthy. Let’s take a look at which systems like Syracuse.

NET Rankings: 84th

Let’s get this one out of the way. Many Syracuse, ACC, and even college basketball fans have criticized the NET, or the NCAA Evaluation Tool. It replaced the NCAA’s old RPI system as the primary way the league sorts teams. The algorithm factors in game results, strength of schedule, game location, net offensive and defensive efficiency, and the quality of wins and losses.

The biggest flaw that critics point out is that it puts too much value on blowing out bad teams. Syracuse’s lack of big wins over lower-level teams is likely why there are 23 teams ranked higher than Orange that have fewer wins.

Amidst the debates surrounding Syracuse men’s basketball’s ranking, another aspect to consider is its performance in BC.Game betting circles. While some may argue that the team’s erratic performance places them as underdogs in many matchups, others see potential value in their gameplay, especially when facing formidable opponents. The BC.Game betting community often weighs various factors, including recent team performance, player statistics, and match dynamics, to determine favorable odds and potential upsets. Understanding how different ranking systems perceive Syracuse basketball can offer insights into how BC.Game enthusiasts assess the team’s betting prospects, adding another layer to the discussion.

ESPN’s BPI: 94th

While the NET Rankings have probably received the most criticism from SU fans, ESPN’s Basketball Power Index is even more down on the Orange. BPI factors in offensive and defensive efficiency, and Syracuse’s offensive numbers have been rough for most of the year. Despite plenty of 80-point games recently, that hasn’t dug the ‘Cuse out of its BPI hole.

KenPom: 79th

Many die-hard hoops fans love the KenPom rankings, named after the list’s creator, Ken Pomeroy. The most notable part of this algorithm is its ability to incorporate individual possessions and use prior data to be predictive in nature.

One flaw with Syracuse that KenPom specifically points out is luck. According to that list, SU is the third-luckiest team in the country.

ESPN’s SOR: 40th

This is where Syracuse thrives. After playing in a star-studded Maui Invitational, playing Oregon in South Dakota, and being in a tough ACC conference, SU reaps the reward of being in the field according to ESPN’s Strength of Record rankings. This system is simple, and rewards teams for both playing good teams and beating good teams.

KPI Rankings: 36th

The KPI Rankings, or the Kevin Pauga Index, is another algorithm developed by an individual. As Pauga explains it, the KPI is a results-based metric that quantifies the quality of a team’s resume. The upset win over North Carolina specifically helped give Syracuse a boost here.

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