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Observations From The ACC Tournament: Quarterfinal Night Games

A packed crowd during the ACC quarterfinal between Duke and NC State

What In The World Was Virginia-Boston College

The most entertaining college basketball game ever? The worst college basketball game ever?? I have absolutely no idea what I watched.

This screenshot was taken with under a minute to go in the game. BC made its first field goal in over five minutes TO SEND THE GAME TO OVERTIME. This was the most classic Virginia basketball game of all time. Love it or hate it, it’s what makes the sport so special. The Cavaliers dominate the overtime period and come out on top.

NC State Played Like It Did In the Second Half Last Night

Just like Syracuse, NC State is a team that has been extremely streaky this season. The Wolfpack blew out Virginia this season, beat Clemson on the road, and lost by less than 10 against Tennessee and North Carolina, yet also like the Orange had some really bad losses. Kind of similar to SU, NC State is a different team when it plays with energy. I think last night’s blowout win for the Pack over the ‘Cuse gave them the confidence to play with the Duke and lead at halftime. That continued into the second half as the Wolfpack started off on a 6-0 run and controlled the pace of the game out of the break.

Is Duke Actually Good?
I know its weird to ask if the 11th ranked team in the country and #2 seed in the ACC tournament is really a good team but I think it is fair. Duke has just ONE win over a team that is ranked right now. The Blue Devils have some bad losses as well, to Arkansas (3rd worst team in the SEC) and Georgia Tech. Neither Jared McCain or Jeremy Roach have proved themselves to be trustable guards this year and we all remember what happened in the tournament last season for Duke. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if the Dukies have another early exit.

Tournament Atmospheres Are Incredible

Every single game, the energy inside Capital One Arena has been off the charts. Even when half fo the arena is waiting for the UVA game, those people are still intensely watching the action and making noise. NC State had all the Virginia and Boston College fans behind them and the environment it created was just special. I’ve seen a lot of basketball in my time in this arena and I can’t think of many times it was louder than it got tonight. And this was just the quarterfinals. I can’t even imagine what this would have been like if it was Syracuse-Duke. The Virginia crowd really brought it in the second game, creating a great environment.

ACC Halftime Shows

The ACC may have booked the two best halftime shows in the country over the past two nights. For the SU-NC State game, it was Red Panda. In the Virginia-Boston College game it was Steve Max (the Simon Sez (yes s-e-z) guy). I’ve talked on an on about how incredible of an event this is an how great of a job the conference did. It’s so easy to mess up in so many ways for these massive tournaments. This year the ACC has once again outdone itself.

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