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A Goodbye to Fizz Nation

It’s been a wonderful two and half years writing and reporting for The Fizz. From the games to the stories and the interactions online, it has been an incredibly fun ride that has shaped the early stages of my career. I’ve gotten to work with some wonderful people, and of course, our fearless leader, Damon Amendolara, who has given us every opportunity in the world and is a great mentor. 

So, let’s look at some of my most memorable moments over this tremendous experience, and go back to the beginning to remember the big moments, thought-provoking takes, and more over my time at The Fizz.

The Games

A Brooklyn Classic

An Old Big East Battle

One of the Best Fourth Quarters Ever

The Take Artistry

Still, my Twitter Header (And I was right)

Ball knowing

This is still true

This also turned out to be true

The Burden of Expectations

It was classic Boeheim

He still deserves a lot of credit

The Historical Comparisons

Look, I got another one correct!

This one hurt to write

Another painful moment that was unfortunately necessary

The future looks bright

Highlighting the importance of a legend

So, 225 (with over 150 of those on hoops) stories later, this marks the end of my Fizz career. I leave with a ton of joy and gratitude for the opportunities and learning experiences along the way, it’s been a hell of a ride. I can’t wait to see how the site continues to flourish in the future. As always, Go Orange!

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