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Fran Brown continues to change Syracuse’s recruiting narrative

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Syracuse currently has the 10th-ranked recruiting class in the class of 2025. Let that sink in for a second. Tenth. Ahead of Tennessee, Georgia, Miami, Wisconsin, and Texas among a number of other high-profile schools. There is still plenty of work to be done for the Orange and every other program, but at this point, it is not crazy to say that SU has a chance for an extremely highly rated class, plus whatever transfers they bring in next year as well. 

Obviously, a negative about Syracuse is the weather. We all know how brutal it gets from November until the end of March, and sometimes into April and in October, but that isn’t stopping Fran Brown from getting his message across to recruits about why they should play for the Orange and work with him and his coaching staff.

“They talk to them about going there in the cold. ‘Don’t get up, it’s going to be cold,’ ” Brown said via Emily Leiker of “We don’t want to hide anything. Let’s see what it’s like to be in the snow. Then you realize it’s not as cold as people say it is. We play inside anyway. You’ll see guys from Florida, Texas, all over the place out there diving in the snow, having fun.”

This past winter was not as snowy as years past, but there was still plenty of precipitation throughout Central New York, especially when everyone thinks the temperatures are going to turn, and then all of a sudden you wake up and there are eight inches of snow on the ground. But, that doesn’t seem to matter.

“The snow really isn’t a problem,” Byron Washington, an offensive lineman from Texas, told “I love the snow. My logic is, if you’re in the snow you can put on jackets to make yourself warm. But if you’re in the heat there’s nothing you can do.”

Syracuse has 10 high school prospects committed according to 247 Sports, nearly half of its 2024 class already. Longwood High School head coach Sean Kluber, who has sent players to SU and could be sending more, sees the movement as a domino effect.

“When (prospects) stay home, I think their peers are more inclined to do the same, and I think that’s how we build up New York football,” Kluber said via “That was a big thing when I talked to Coach Campanile on the phone. There’s an emphasis on keeping these guys in New York and even in the region home.”

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