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Projecting Syracuse’s Starting Lineup

Syracuse starting lineup

College basketball rosters are far from set. However, Syracuse has around ten players that are worthy of playing, so it’s time for a first draft of a starting lineup and rotation.

Bench, Frontcourt: William Patterson and Naheem McLeod

There’s been plenty of Syracuse fans that have been pushing for the Orange to add another guard, but there isn’t much depth in the frontcourt. If this prediction of the Syracuse starting lineup stands, then there won’t be any sizable forwards off the bench. In fact, it’ll just be two centers. McLeod has some health issues, while Patterson hasn’t shown anything in college yet. The frontcourt depth is still a real issue for SU.

Bench, Backcourt: Chance Westry, Elijah Moore, and Kyle Cuffe

This is a tough group to parse through. Both Westry and Moore have arguments to start, while Cuffe had some solid minutes for the Orange last year. At the end of the day, there’s only five spots in the starting lineup. Westry should be a talented freshman, but has too much competition. Cuffe has never seemed worthy of starter’s minutes. Westry is the toughest exclusion from Syracuse’s starting lineup. He has so much potential as a former top-50 recruit, but with over a year of injuries, there’s too many questions to project him as a starter. Still, don’t be shocked if he ends the year in that group.

Starters: JJ Starling, Chris Bell, Jyare Davis, Donnie Freeman, and Eddie Lampkin

There are some clear locks in this group. Starling is the best returner on the roster, while Lampkin is head and shoulders above the other centers on the Orange.

Addressing the forwards, Donnie Freeman is simply too talented to not start. He’s a top-25 recruit, and there’s not much competition at the forward spot. Davis is mobile enough and has enough of a shot to fit alongside him as another forward.

The last spot goes to Chris Bell, getting to play shooting guard. Despite his 6’6” frame, he doesn’t rebound and has been more successful playing defense against guards. He’s not out of place here.

This means Starling would be the starting point guard. Despite claims that SU needs a point guard, Starling played that position in high school. Does he have a classic pass-first style? No. However, Starling can bring the ball up and distribute to this group well enough.

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