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Thank You, Orange Fizz

Goodness, how lucky am I? After 200+ articles, tons of chatter on Fizz Five, and countless tweets ranting about SU Football or Men’s Basketball, my time at Orange Fizz has come to an end. And it has been nothing short of an absolute thrill.

When I stepped on the campus of Syracuse University in August 2020, I wanted to be as versatile in journalism as I could possibly be. Joining the Fizz in May ’22 gave me the opportunity to sharpen my writing, be innovative in topics, and share my thoughts in a manner that no other outlet provided.

So, as this chapter concludes, I’ll leave you with some of the best memories I have from the Fizz.


Tough Non-Conference Schedule A Good Thing? (This team went 17-14 with an easier one)

Illinois a good matchup? (Syracuse lost that game by 29)

Syracuse a 20 win team after losing to Colgate and Bryant? (17 is closeish…)

Rock bottom? (SU proceeded to lose its next three games by 17+)

Oregon game a bad move? (SU won by 20)


Losing multiple non-conference games = bad? (SU lost to Colgate AND Bryant… among others)

Syracuse Football? 6-0?! (if only the back half never happened)

Storming the field = BAD! (SU lost five straight after its fans rushed the field after beating a backup QB as a betting favorite… sorry not sorry)

Quadir should have been playing sooner! (Man it stinks he won’t be around next season)

JJ back to Syracuse? (YESSIR!)

Girard overhated? (Absolutely)

Syracuse-Georgetown IS still a rivalry (Don’t believe me? Watch the press conferences from after the game.)


Flag planting?

Farewell, Coach Boeheim

Honoring a legend

ACC Kickoff

Conference realignment finally hits ACC

Football at Yankee Stadium?

The Benny saga comes to an end

Top-10 upsets

I can’t thank my fellow Team Fizz members, past and present, for always pushing me to churn out the best possible content. Thank you to the Fizz Godfather, Damon Amendolara, for taking a chance on me two years ago and being a great guide and mentor since. Finally, thank you to you, the reader, for indulging in my work over the last few years. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading as much as I’ve enjoyed writing!

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