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ESPN: Pump Breaks on Expectations For Syracuse Football


The expectations for Syracuse football in 2024, the inaugural season of the Fran Brown era, are all over the place. Some have predicted a 12-0 record, in large part due to the easiest Power 4 schedule.

Other projections aren’t as favorable, though. For example, ESPN’s Football Power Index expects the Orange to go 6-6.

Another prediction has come from ESPN, this time from Always College Football with Greg McElroy, a podcast. This one falls in between the highs and the lows.

In terms of Syracuse’s strengths, McElroy highlighted how much talent the Orange have added in the offseason.

“I look at where Syracuse is from a personnel standpoint compared to where they were a year ago,” McElroy said. “Syracuse’s personnel compared to last year is significantly better at the top end. I mean significantly better.”

On the other hand, McElroy doesn’t think SU’s schedule is as easy as many are making it out to be. While Syracuse doesn’t have to play Clemson, Florida State, or Louisville, there are still some tough games.

“You say it’s a soft schedule,” McElroy said, “I don’t know if I’d necessarily go that far. Is it relatively manageable? Perhaps.”

The host highlighted Georgia Tech, NC State, and Miami as tough games in particular. He went on to add UNLV and Cal as losable games as well, with travel out west being a factor.

With all that in mind, he predicted a solid, but not spectacular record.

“I look at the schedule and how it all lines up for Syracuse,” McElroy said, “and I think they’re going to be somewhere in the vicinity of 7-5, right around there. That feels like it’s progress a little bit. Maybe they can get to 8-4.”

There are some caveats with that, though.

“I’d be surprised if they don’t beat someone you don’t expect them to beat, but to expect them to win the conference this year in Fran Brown’s first year, to me, is a bridge too far.”

All in all, 7-5 would be a step up from last year, and maybe provide the building blocks for improvement down the road. However, some Orange fans might see that as just a little bit of a disappointment.

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