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Fran Browns Mentality Off The Field Is Important

In the seven months since Fran Brown’s hiring, everything seems to be going about as good as possible. The Orange have landed better recruits than ever before. The hype around the program is growing and the fanbase is excited. With an extremely favorable schedule next season, its hard to not be excited about everything going on. One thing that came out a few weeks ago could be one of the most important since Brown has taken over is the success of SU’s student-athletes off the field.

The Orange posted on social media last month that the team got its highest GPA in program history of a 3.05. Not just the highest in recent history, but again the highest in PROGRAM history. A 3.0 average is a B, meaning that the team is doing really well in school. While this may not seem like a big thing, it is actually massive. Most players, even on power conference FBS teams will never play professional football. Building these student-athletes into being good young men who can succeed in the world is such a huge part of a program. If Fran Brown can pitch Syracuse as a place that will help you succeed in your future even if things don’t go your way on the field then that elevates the program even more.

In addition to this, Brown has made it very clear how important community service is for his team. Having the football players at a major university being strong members of the community as well as good students is extremely valuable to the program and the city. This mentality is something that is special and isn’t seen in many places around the country. It can make Syracuse stand out as a school and help recruit great young men who can contribute to the football program.

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