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Standout NFL Rookies at Summer Minicamp

While the NFL offseason doesn’t generate nearly as much excitement as the actual season, it’s also an extremely valuable time for fans to weigh up the performances of players during the hotly anticipated summer minicamps. 

This is particularly true for the NFL rookies entering the fray. Fans might know some from playing EA Sports College Football, but for many, this will be the first taster of the new talents hoping to storm the world’s wealthiest professional sports league. 

So, who are some of the standout NFL rookies at minicamp? Keeping an eye on these players is a great way to enhance your football knowledge, something that will prove invaluable as the season begins properly. Here are some of the main rookies making their mark:  

Caleb Williams 

It’s probably no surprise that Caleb Williams has caused such a stir at the minicamp, considering the Bears quarterback was No. 1 overall pick in the 2024 draft. He set the college football scene alight at the Oklahoma Sooners and USC Trojans over the past few years, creating a huge amount of hype. 

If his performances during the minicamp are anything to go by, it looks like this rookie will hit the ground running when the NFL season starts properly. Williams already has a strong command of the Bears playbook and has proved himself worthy of the starting quarterback role. The only way is up for this generational talent. 

Drake Maye 

Drake Maye ended as No. 3 overall pick during the NFL Draft, joining the New England Patriots to significant fanfare. Any rookie quarterback at the Patriots must deal with the ghost of Tom Brady, the most successful QB in the franchise’s history. Early signs at the minicamp indicate Maye could have the tools to succeed, but he’s certainly not the finished article yet. 

Jerod Mayo, the Patriots’ rookie coach, has already said that Maye has a lot to work on, but it isn’t all his fault either. The offensive line has several creases that need ironing out, a flaw that has so far prevented Maye from hitting his complete potential. 

Jayden Daniels 

Jayden Daniels was one of the brightest college football talents for three seasons at the Arizona State Sun Devils and LSU Tigers, winning the 2023 Heisman Trophy and setting the single-season passer rating record. It was no surprise that the quarterback was selected as No. 2 overall pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, with the Washington Commanders snapping up the California native. 

His performances at the minicamp have so far been exceptional, with Daniels showing off his exciting blend of athleticism and accuracy. It also helps that the Commanders have several other talented offensive rookies giving him something to aim for. Luke McCaffrey is a particularly exciting player to watch. 

J.J McCarthy 

J.J. McCarthy will be well known to anyone ranking Michigan’s sports team logos, as the quarterback was instrumental for the Michigan Wolverines in their unprecedented unbeaten regular season in 2022. And this was just the start of his exploits, as McCarthy was named Big Ten Quarterback of the Year in 2023. 

He joined the Minnesota Vikings at No. 10 overall pick, and the minicamp was one of the first times Vikings fans could see their new man in action. The initial signs are brilliant, as McCarthy showcased both his throwing accuracy and game intelligence pretty much immediately. The quarterback looks nailed on as a starter for the upcoming season, something his performances during the minicamp have made all the more likely. 

Bo Nix 

Bo Nix is another quarterback asserting his credentials at the minicamp. The Denver Broncos player won the Pac-12 Offensive Player of the Year award in 2023 before being picked in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. His performances during the minicamp clearly show why he was held in such high regard by Broncos coach Sean Payton. 

In fact, Nix has something that not many other rookie quarterbacks possess – the ability to play old school. His flair and creativity look perfect for a Broncos offense that uses more short passing than other franchises, something Nix has excelled at during the minicamp. 

Ladd McConkey 

All the standout NFL rookies covered so far at the minicamp have been quarterbacks, so it’s about time we look at other positions. Ladd McConkey is one of the most exciting wide receivers the Los Angeles Chargers have ever had, with safe hands, rapid pace and intelligence that far outweighs his tender age.  

The 2023 Wuerffel Trophy winner is also a model citizen, one of the most important reasons cited for his selection for the Chargers in the second round of the 2024 Draft. 

Quinyon Mitchell 

Perhaps the biggest surprise package of the 2024 minicamp, Quinyon Mitchell was the first cornerback drafted in 2024, coming in at No. 22 overall pick. He has already shown why the Philadelphia Eagles took a punt on the college star, showing impressive grit and playmaking ability in the cornerback role. 

Eagles fans will be relieved that Mitchell looks to be making good on his promise. He was tracked throughout his college career, emerging as a top target. 

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