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What are the odds in UFC?

It’s essential to understand the concept of odds before making picks on the Ultimate Fighting Championship events. That’s because odds are more than just numbers – they tell you the probability of an event and your potential reward for successful predictions. 

If you’re familiar with reading lines for other sports, you’ll have no problem understanding the odds in UFC. However, you might struggle to grasp how these numbers work if you’re a newbie. So, we’ve created this simple guide to explain the odds in UFC. 

Understanding How the Odds Work in UFC

Every UFC fixture has two fighters, and you’ll see their names displayed with a set of numbers in front of them. For example:

  • Leon Edwards -213
  • Belal Muhammad +166

The negative sign shows the favorite, meaning it’s the fighter that’s most likely to win, while the positive sign is assigned to the fighter with lower winning chances. So, in this case, Edwards is the favorite, while Muhammed is the underdog.

In addition to identifying the possible winner, UFC fight odds tell you your potential rewards for successful picks. The odds that begin with the minus show how many coins you must play to win 100 coins. So, in the example below, if you pick Edwards, playing 213 coins earns you 100 coins if he wins the match.

On the other hand, odds that begin with plus show how much you get if you play 100 coins. If you pick Muhammed and use 100 coins, you get 166 extra coins if Muhammed emerges as the event winner. 

Other UFC Odd Format

The plus and minus way of displaying lines is called the American format. This is the most common option for players in the United States. However, there are decimal and fractional displays, among other formats. Regardless of how these odds are presented, they pass the same message. 

Where to Find the Best UFC Odds?

Sportzino is the go-to platform for players looking for the best UFC odds. This social sportsbook takes the gaming experience to another level by offering competitive lines for various UFC events. Interestingly, you can make picks for both upcoming and ongoing matches. To add to the excitement, the sportsbook includes video streaming, enabling you to stay updated during live events. 

There are various types of predictions you can make a Sportzino, but these are the most common ones:

  • Outright: This market involves picking the possible winner of a match-up. It’s the simplest pick and is the best option for newbies. 
  • Totals: For this market, you try to predict whether the number of rounds will be more or less than a set threshold. A good example is predicting that a fight will be over 2.5 rounds. 


Now that you understand how these lines work, you’d have no problems predicting the outcome of UFC games at your preferred sportsbook. With this knowledge, you can also make picks for other sports. Just note that the higher the odds, the better the potential rewards. As such, it’s best to use platforms like Sportzino that offer you the best lines.

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