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Discover the Journey of Braheem Long, Jr., Syracuse’s #26 Defensive Back

Braheem Long, Jr. is making waves as a newcomer to the Syracuse Orange football team. As we gear up for the 2024 season, we’re diving into the roster to learn more about each player, starting with this impressive freshman.

Braheem, a defensive back, is ready to showcase his talents under Coach Fran Brown’s new leadership.

This season promises to bring many fresh faces, and Braheem’s journey is one to watch closely. With the excitement building, let’s get to know #26 and see how he plans to make a significant impact on the field.

Player Profile: Braheem Long, Jr.

Braheem Long, Jr., standing at 6 feet tall and weighing 170 pounds, hails from Camden, NJ. At Camden High School, Braheem played as both a cornerback and wide receiver, showing off his versatility and athleticism on the field. Last season, he scored a total of nine touchdowns: four as a receiver, three on returns, and two from defensive plays. In addition to his scoring prowess, he made 37 tackles and grabbed three interceptions.

As he steps into the 2024 season with Syracuse, Braheem will be competing for a spot in the cornerback position. Although the safety roles seem to be set, the fight for the cornerback slots is wide open, making it an exciting area to watch during training camp. Braheem’s high school stats suggest he has the talent and drive to make a real difference on the team.

How’d He Get Here?

Braheem had a few schools to choose from, including West Virginia, Boston College, and Pitt, but he decided Syracuse was the best fit for him. He committed to the Syracuse team last June, during the previous coaching staff’s tenure, and stuck with his decision even after the coaching changes.

Recruiting websites all agree that Braheem is a talented player, giving him three stars. Sources like 247Sports, Rivals, and ESPN also recognize him as one of the top 40 players from New Jersey.

It’s worth mentioning that Braheem isn’t the only player from Camden High School on the Syracuse roster. This season, there are three other Camden High alumni on the team as well.

The Takeaway

Braheem Long, Jr. is certainly a player to keep an eye on. With his skills and hard work, he has a great chance to make a name for himself on the Syracuse football team. His choice to join the Orange, despite having other offers, shows his commitment and determination.

As he competes for a cornerback position in the 2024 season, fans should be excited to see his performance on the field. His versatility as both a cornerback and wide receiver from Camden High School proves his talent. It will be interesting to watch as he works under Coach Fran Brown and contributes to the team’s success.With such promising potential, who knows—one day, we might even see his name mentioned in discussions about Heisman odds. Get ready, Syracuse fans, because Braheem Long, Jr. is here to shine.

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