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The best games for basketball fans

In the same way football fans play video games based on their beloved sport, the basketball community have an abundance of products to get through. Some titles are from more recent times, while others are classic releases from yesteryear that are making a comeback on numerous gaming platforms. Essentially, there is an extensive selection of top titles to tackle here. 

For basketball fans, games in this category transport them to the court and enable them to play as their favorite teams and work under their preferred coaches. Alongside listening to podcasts dedicated to the sport, assessing NBA lines before having a bet, and watching any big-game highlights, unwinding with a basketball gaming session is a tempting offering many basketball connoisseurs turn to on a regular basis. 

In order to make sure you’re playing the very best basketball games today, though, let’s take a look at some standout products below on a variety of platforms. Make no mistake about it: basketball games deliver. 

College Hoops 2K8

Released in 2007, if you can track down a copy of this college-themed masterpiece, then you’re in for a treat. A former PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 favorite, College Hoops 2K8 serves up strong doses of college basketball action and showcases the college scene in a realistic manner. From legacy mode to the game’s detailed recruitment system, this 2007 gem has it all. 

Basketball Battle

A free-to-play basketball game on smartphone devices, Basketball Battle is a more simple game compared to many others on the list, but it’s still worth a session. In the game, two players go to war and aim to outscore their rival before the time runs out. Offering a charming arcade feel and straightforward controls that take minutes to master, Basketball Battle is a fun game to sit down and have a session when needed. 

NBA 2K11

Ask most basketball fans who the greatest player of all time is, and they’re more than likely to say Michael Jordan. In NBA 2K11, the former Chicago Bulls hero is heavily featured in this much-loved title. For instance, you can tackle Jordan Challenge mode or even try to recreate his game-changing moments from throughout history. Alongside the various nods to arguably the sport’s biggest ever star, NBA 2K11 offers players a chance to play along as some undisputed icons from the sport and play a release that was huge in 2010. 

Freestyle 2: Street Basketball

For many passionate basketball gamers, Freestyle 2: Street Basketball is a hidden gem that doesn’t get the love it deserves. It’s an understandable position to take, with this 2015 product serving plenty of entertainment. In the game, players create their own characters and do battle against gamers from around the world thanks to the game’s excellent online aspect. Accessible via Steam, the game’s charming visuals are impressive, while Freestyle 2: Street Basketball is also free to play. 

NBA 2K24

NBA 2K24.jpeg

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If you’re chasing a more up-to-date basketball gaming package, then look no further than NBA 2K24. Playable on PlayStation and other prominent gaming platforms, this smash-hit release offers the cleanest graphics around, it features players from the sport you’ll know and love, and it represents an opportunity to play as your favorite NBA team. Also containing historic line-ups with memorable stars, the skill-based gameplay in this top title will keep you busy for a good few hours at a time.  

Basketrio: Allstar Streetball

Another free-to-play downloadable game on handheld devices like smartphones and tablets, Basketrio: Allstar Streetball contains short bursts of 3-minute half-court games where players can showcase their skills, pull off numerous outfits, and enjoy a game that has a casual feel to it. Basketrio: Allstar Streetball isn’t your typical basketball game, but that’s what makes it so appealing to so many basketball gamers. 

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Ending on a classic, NBA Jam is certainly regarded as one. Offering retro graphics and an old-school feel, the game is still being played on devices today despite being released in 1993 on the Super Nintendo and the Sega Genesis. NBA Jam’s offering isn’t entirely authentic, but that’s what makes it stand out for millions of people. Containing memorable catchphrases as you smash through options like 2-on-2 gameplay, it really is a pleasurable experience playing this legendary release.

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