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What Is a Burnout and When Should You Take a Break?

Do you feel sluggish and exhausted and have been feeling a bit off lately? Or do you find yourself so stressed that you get angry or frustrated quickly? Well, you might be experiencing burnout and need a break from your daily life. 

Sure, it may be appealing to laze on your couch with a popcorn tub and watch your favorite TV show or web series, but it is advisable to engage in something more challenging to add joy to life and relieve stress. For instance, casino gaming can be the ideal escape from reality. You can take part in the Spinomenal tournament and play great casino games to win amazing prizes. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about burnout. 

What Is a Burnout?  

Burnout is the physical, emotional, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive, chronic, and prolonged stress. It is the result of stress that comes from taking on additional roles and responsibilities in life. As stress continues, you start losing motivation, feeling overwhelmed, and emotionally drained. 

Burnout decreases productivity, saps your energy, and leaves you feeling very hopeless, helpless, resentful, and cynical. Eventually, you might feel like you have nothing more to give. 

Burnout’s negative effects spill over into every area of life – including your work, personal and social life, and even visiting websites like Vulkan Vegas. It can also cause long-term changes to your body that makes you susceptible to illnesses like flu and cold. Owing to its many consequences, it is imperative to deal with burnout immediately. 

Tell-tale Signs You Should Take a Break ASAP 

Symptoms of burnout can vary from one individual to another. But, if you notice any of the following signs in yourself, consider taking a step back and slowing down. 

You Are Restless

One of the biggest indicators that you might be taking on excessive roles is never feeling well-rested. Perhaps, you frantically hop from one project to the next without slowing down, or you do not take enough breaks at work. And, when you decide to relax, at last, you face a difficult time quieting your mind or sitting at ease. As a result, you find it hard to recharge when it is most needed.

You Have No Motivation 

Have you been dragging yourself to the workplace or losing interest in everything that you once enjoyed? If so, you have attained the point of burnout. Excessive stress can turn every activity you once enjoyed into boring tasks that you do out of duty. 

You Feel Your Energy Level Is Zapped

High-stress levels can leave any person feeling exhausted both physically and mentally — even after having a sound sleep of 9 hours. For instance, you might notice that lately, you have taken an extra 10 minutes to reach the door. Or, you may find that your usual workout feels extra difficult nowadays, although nothing’s changed.

You Are Eating Differently  

Changes in eating habits are another good indication of when it’s time to take a break from your daily routine. In certain scenarios, you may find yourself skipping meals or eating less quantity than usual without even realizing it. Or, you might find yourself eating more than usual and always looking to grab a bite, even if you are not hungry. Both these cases are a sign of stress.

You Are Finding It Hard to Concentrate 

Do you find yourself reading the same two lines when reading something? Or do you struggle to follow what’s being said during meetings? Every person is immune to mild forgetfulness and may have off days from time to time. However, if you notice that your usual tasks take longer to complete, you might have too much on your plate.  

Common Causes of Workplace Burnout 

Poor Work Culture 

One of the major causes of burnout is toxic workplace culture. The attitude and morale of people around you at the workplace will have a significant impact on how satisfied you are with your job. A boss or team leader with micro-manages, cliquey colleagues, and not having friends at the place of your work can lead to burnout.

Dysfunctional Dynamics 

Maybe your boss micro-mages your work, or you feel undermined by colleagues. Each of these aspects can contribute to workplace stress. 

Work-life Imbalance 

When your job takes up too much of your time and effort, your personal life tends to suffer. A lack of work-life balance leaves you with little to no energy to spend with family and friends, thus causing burnout.  Also, you tend to start resenting your office. 

High Engagement with Job 

Being highly engaged with your work can make you feel like you need to work constantly. Often, this leads to emotional exhaustion and stressful situations. While it is a good thing to be engaged, it can also lead to excessive stress and burnout. 

Burnout isn’t just about being tired. It’s a multi-faceted issue mainly caused by stressful work or excessive responsibilities. So, when you find yourself exhausted or doing things differently, consider taking a break at once. You might even reach out to a therapist for additional support. 

It all comes down to establishing a day-to-day routine as well as creating and maintaining boundaries to attend to your overall well-being while also fulfilling your responsibilities. 

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