The Orange Eye a Denver RB

Can Jonny Miller convince his teammate to follow him across the country?

The Fizz has discussed in depth the quickness Doug Marrone has picked up lately, acquiring pieces that potentially evolve the Orange into a speed-first team.

In fact, the latest FizzCast has a heavy focus on the athleticism that may end up on the Dome floor.

You all know Jonny Miller is set to hit the grid for the ‘Cuse this fall. The Fizz chatted with Miller during signing day madness. Out of Mullen High in Denver, Miller had a teammate who’s a stud. Adonis Ameen-Moore.

Ameen-Moore is a low-built running back, most believing he’ll end up as a fullback in college. At 5’10,” and 215 pounds, you can see him as the Tony Fiammetta type if he gains enough lbs.

His speed? Not too bad either. a 4.55 40 yard dash isn’t too shabby for a guy who makes his money between the tackles.

You gotta expect Miller to try and talk this kid to the Orange. A school pipeline (like Towson Catholic in basketball) makes recruiting much easier.

That pipeline being two time zones away in Denver is a little unique? But if Syracuse needs to add talent no matter where it comes from these days.

Posted: Ted Conroy