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FizzCast: Marrone Builds for Speed

Team Fizz analyzes how the two newest recruits define the type of team Marrone wants.

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On this week’s FizzCast Mike Couzens and Ted Conroy explain how two new commits are more than just names to a roster. Plus, why Kris Joseph won’t be on the Canadian developmental team anymore.

On Fizz spotlighted Oliver Vigille:

“It’s a guy who will gain, according to his coach, fifteen to twenty pounds by the end of his senior year so you’re looking at a really fast, productive recruit out of Florida.”

How many SU football games do you remember sitting through where the linebackers were either too slow or took bad routes to the ball. Hopefully, this can be the start of something good:

“Obviously last year was a plus for the Orange after linebacker play was unexpectedly very good. I think the biggest thing that Marrone has tried to stress is that he understands that a Dome turf is such an advantage if you can get speed on it. Those are four to five games that you know you have a distinct home field advantage over the opponent. Why not recruit the speed? You can fill the muscle later. Get the speed now.”

The Orange snagged Jason Bromley from New York City. Here’s a kid who had never played football before high school, and now he’ll be at the D-1 level.

“There are people who slip through the cracks. These are the things that we’re talking about when we say you can teach the fundamentals and the technique later. Some of the best athletes we’ve seen in their respective sports didn’t start out in those sports. Tim Duncan was a swimmer before he was a basketball player and Antonio Gates was a basketball player before he was a tight end.”

And unfortunately some sad news about Kris Joseph, who tweeted last week something about a teammate on the Canadian developmental basketball team – and then was no longer on the team.

Now he’s back in Syracuse and working out at the ‘Melo Center, instead of the type of work that Andy Rautins did the last few summers. That worked out pretty well for Andy.

“You can make all the waves you want about training at the ‘Melo Center, but at the end of the day people get best when they play a little ball with other people and playing against their peers. Kris Joseph can’t do that.”

Posted: Mike Couzens

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