Combustible Mookie Jones Causes Another Stir on Twitter

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Mookie Jones’ twitter account is active – and for all the wrong reasons – yet again.

Although he didn’t play in the win over Providence, Mookie Jones still had plenty to tweet about. If you’ve followed Jones’ tweets and Facebook like we have, you know that he’s bound to say something interesting.

Last season he fired off, “coach don’t give a s*** about me and evreybody no it.” Fast forward to Tuesday which started simply enough (all Tweets sic’d):

“No matter who you are.the right system can turn you from a roll player into a superstar.I’m talking rock bottom.”

Sounds like he could be talking about himself there. Going from a three-point specialist to something more? James Southerland has certainly started to do that this season.

That led to Danny Parkins of The Score 1260 prompting his followers to take a look at Mookie’s latest tweet.

“It says I cant retweet it for some reason but check out @mookie21jones latest on how the right system can turn u from a role player 2 a star”

That didn’t make Mr. Jones very happy:

  1. Mookie’s Tweet #1:
  2. Mookie’s Tweet#2:
  3. Mookie’s Tweet #3:

“@DannyParkins why you telling people what I said”

It’s laughable that Mookie  - with 835 followers at the time – would ask that question. His account is protected, but still allows nearly 1,000 people to see what he says publicly. Obviously those followers can show other people as well. There is no code of silence embedded with Mookie’s tweets. Danny’s response was logical:

“@mookie21jones BC I’m not tellin people anything you didn’t already say yourself man, twitter is public.”

Mookie’s response?

“@DannyParkins well you just got a puclic block.i dont even no you”

It seems as though Mr. Jones does not frequent AM 1260 on his radio dial here in Syracuse.

Later on Mookie spouted off again, but directed it at no one in particular:

“I realize there are jerks that just like f—ing with people for homies.I don’t even play much.why you jocking me.#CanILive”

A fan under the handle @ottotheorange tweeted to Mookie, “If you don’t want people to know what your saying, then don’t post it on Twitter.Danny is just doing his job.” Jones responded “F— you.”

Do we get his frustration? Yes. He’s made his “should I stay or should I go?” mindset public on Facebook several times. He’s obviously not playing significant minutes. But as a high-profile figure, you’ve got to realize the effects of what you say. And that those words are public.

He only has to look across his own locker room to see one player who got rid of his account all together recently after saying some regrettable things.

Jay Wright at Villanova has prohibited his players from using Facebook and Twitter altogether until the end of the season. It’s not because of anything specific the players said, but because their conversations were being taken out of context online.

Joking about sexual assault – not funny.

Saying “F— you” to a fan – not appropriate.

Someone on the team or in a higher position needs to tell Jones people can see what you write. It’s not only a distraction to you and your team, but potentially an embarrassment as well.

A social media ban isn’t necessary if players can handle themselves responsibly in that sphere. So far this season with Mookie Jones, that hasn’t been the case.

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  1. Joe says:

    Is this actually considered an article? Joke. Write about something fans want to hear, like what the 2012 recruiting class might look like, or a big east preview article. These gossipy blog posts are ridiculous.

  2. Couzens says:


    There’s very little “gossipy” about this post. I’ve quoted Tweets from two different people and have made a suggestion which I think is a reasonable one. You can’t tell me that you’re not interested in the Mookie Jones situation. It’s endlessly intriguing.

    If you’d like to read about the class of 2012, you’re more than welcome to search the archives where you can find something like this

    on DaJuan Coleman.

    Thanks for reading Joe!


  3. Mike says:

    This is not news and is destructive. Mookie is frustrated because he is not playing. That is understandable. He has been a star his entire life and is not good enough to play regularly. Let him alone and do not try to antagonize the poor guy.

  4. Vito says:

    This article is great. Only losers would sit there and bash it. Get a life. These guys are reporting on things relevant to Syracuse athletics, and THIS IS RELEVANT. This is a frustrated player who is making a fool of himself through his Twitter account, and the site is reporting it, and rightfully so.

  5. Lost Peek says:

    Theodore, you need to go back to basics. Stop thinking just because you were successful at the Peek, means you can do the same at Cuse. Get on the court with a blindfold on, learn to dribble again. This will not only help with you inside offense, it will also help with your defense (being able to predict where your opponent will place the ball down–getting more steals). Work harder, not talk louder…. Even if you are good enough now in your mind get better in reality….

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