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Scoop Jardine Jokes About His Sexual Assault on Twitter?

Scoop Jardine likely doesn’t know when to keep his Twitter account quiet. Yesterday, an internet meme crawled through cyberspace: #collegetaughtme. In general, the Syracuse athletes who tweet are good-natured dudes. The Fizz has had some fun with Chandler Jones and Torrey Ball’s hysterical insight. We documented Alec Lemon’s fear of spiders. Heck, Averin Collier’s Twitter is how we first discovered the new football jerseys.

So, it’s best not to take any of their tweets out of context. When you begin reading too deeply into college kids cracking jokes in written form via 140 characters, it can lead you astray. However, Scoop did himself no favors yesterday as ScoopJardine11.

“ScoopJardine11¬†#collegetaughtme that groupies really exist! But we just call them #teamplayers! Ahaha”

“ScoopJardine11¬†#collegetaughtme if you f a girl an the news get out they denie it and say he only gave me head! Bye girl!!”

Not all of Scoop’s contributions to the discussion were off-color.

“ScoopJardine11 #collegetaughtme that the freshmen 15 pounds for girls is really happening. Sometime extra 30 pounds. Ahaha”

Which, let’s face it, he’s right on point with that. Especially on a campus where you can’t see the parking lot on the other side of the quad because its the 9th straight day of snow. Alas, not everyone felt it was a good idea for Scoop to be making light of a publicly sticky situation. Syracuse sportscaster Kevin Maher:

“KMaherNews12¬†So if you’re Scoop Jardine and you were accused of sexual assault in college would you be tweeting about groupies, drunk girls and sex?”

The answer is, uh, hell no. The Score 1260’s¬†Danny Parkins:

“In case anyone had any doubt about how life as a prominent athlete on a college campus can be, I give you your point guard: @scoopjardine11”

It’s a fine line. Likely, all of us reading this right now are less of a public figure than Scoop. So, what we inanely tweet about has a fraction of the attention Scoop’s morsels will get. Do you have a filter over Twitter? Should he have one? And if as a college student you felt the world had unfairly painted you as a sexual assailant, would you make a crass remark about it?

I’m sure Boeheim is thrilled with such a publicly cavalier attitude towards sexual assault on his squad. Someone on the basketball program should be in his ear. Scoop, don’t ever address the situation. I mean, ever. It can do you no good. At best, you say something you regret. At worst, you look like an entitled d-bag. Luckily, there were other SU athletes who played the game with less controversy. Ryan Gillum was fairly entertaining:

“RyGilly_41¬†#CollegeTaughtMe ..white girls dont play when it comes to keeping their bodies on”

Ryan, that’s just college man. When you graduate, even white girls can let themselves go. Have you seen Kirstie Alley?

“RyGilly_41¬†#CollegeTaughtMe…everytime you find a pretty girl..u can find a few of ya (friends) that hit”

There’s plenty of truth in that. Especially if your buddies are 100 football players at the same university of 10,000 undergrads.

“RyGilly_41¬†#CollegeTaughtMe after u drop a girl she tries and talk shit on you…”Sweetie the battles already been lost”…lmao”

“RyGilly_41 #CollegeTaughtMe trying to copy and paste will get you kicked out of school O_o”

Hmmm, interesting. A little insight into the curious dismissals of Mike Williams or Averin Collier? And finally DT Andrew Lewis:

“aLewisJr¬†#CollegeTaughtMe Mayfest”


“aLewisJr¬†#CollegeTaughtMe that chicks living above the Mason Dixon can’t cook worth a shit.”

Andrew, you’re in college. None of those girls can cook. Slaving over dinner means microwaving Elio’s frozen pizza.

“aLewisJr¬†#CollegeTaughtMe dark liquor turns me into The Hulk.”

Get this man some dark liquor before the Pinstripe Bowl!

Posted: D.A.

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